Event Recap – MIMA Social Media Grows Up

On January 18th, MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association) hosted Ponera Eng, Social Commerce Strategist at 8th Bridge for a morning event surrounding the secrets of commerce in social media, specifically Facebook. Marketing professionals gathered at the Minnesota Science Museum to hear what Eng had to say.

He started the event by giving the audience an overview of Facebook’s new layout, which includes the newsfeed, ticker, and timeline. He also gave the audience interesting facts about the internet- 75% of users are on Facebook, and e-commerce has been increasing 15% year over year.

Using this information, Eng showed us how Facebook “likes” and recommendations on products can increase sales by word of mouth. A “like” is typically a post-purchase action, and when shared online it is a valuable friend referral to a product. Facebook has become a landscape for web traffic referral- one friend sharing a link of a product they want on their timeline makes that website one click away for any friends.

Facebook is valuable to brands as well. Internet users want promotions and ways to feel like a valued customer. Brand pages allow companies to share special offers with their customers, introduce new products, and interact with customers to hear feedback on what they want.

Overall, Eng showed the morning crowd how Facebook has become a word-of-mouth referral tool at scale. Friends are assisting others in choosing products as well as interacting with their favorite brands, letting them know their thoughts and opinions. The audience left with a greater understanding of the e-commerce landscape and great insight on how social media can be leveraged to increase sales. Take a look at the Celarity Facebook page for a couple photos from the MIMA event.

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