Good for Business: Improving Your Hiring Process

Have you purposefully avoided working somewhere because you or a friend had a less-than-satisfactory experience during their hiring process? The chances that you would refer someone to the company or speak highly of them are slim.

Being empathetic toward job seekers is a wonderful trait in a hiring manager but there are also plenty of reasons to care about improving the hiring process from a business perspective, including:

  • Gaining high-quality candidate referrals
  • Positive online reviews (i.e. Glassdoor)
  • Favorable word of mouth about your company
  • Your own reputation and the chance to set yourself apart from other hiring managers

Here are a few simple but effective ways you can leverage the hiring process in order to maximize your candidate ROI:

Always send a reply.

For many applicants, one of the most frustrating things in their job search occurs when they don’t hear back from an employer. They tend to call this the proverbial, “black hole.”

Generally, applicants will be glad to receive a reply from your company, even if they don’t qualify for the next stage in your hiring process. These job seekers will feel that they can move on to other opportunities with a sense of closure from your organization.

Set expectations and keep candidates in the loop.

Once an applicant becomes a candidate for a role, it’s important to set some expectations. Your candidates will want to know what your process looks like so be sure to lay out a timeline, interview structure and discuss how questions/follow-ups should be handled (call, email, etc.).

Setting clear expectations and being transparent with candidates will create a positive image of your company and culture. Plus, this approach will add a level of confidence to candidates going through your hiring process and portray you as a prepared and organized manager.

Personalized, positive and honest feedback showcases mutual respect and professionalism.

Hiring managers might be skeptical of giving feedback to interviewees or they may feel they don’t have time to follow-up after an interview. Here’s why it’s important to give the feedback: You could be missing out on an opportunity to gain referrals or you may burn a bridge with a candidate that could be a great fit for future positions.

Giving honest but positive feedback to candidates does more than help them on their career path – it also showcases your organization’s level of professionalism and portrays mutual respect. A few benefits of following this guideline include candidate referrals, positive online reviews of your company, and an overall polished, professional reputation of your firm.

Your hiring process says a lot about your company and you.

Candidates are evaluating the organization’s values and culture as they move through the process and they may reject or accept an offer based on their experience.

Also, keep in mind that the local industry can be a very small place and that someday, you may end up working with a candidate that was rejected from your company. It would be a shame to miss out on referrals, positive reputation and reviews that could help your organization and yourself!

Do you need more guidelines or information on hiring? Download our Hiring Guide or reach out to us!

Visit The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Digital Talent page for more information about how to close digital candidates!

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