5 Good First Impression Tips and Tricks You Should Be Following

By the time you enter the doors of a potential employer’s office and sit down in the interview chair, your seven seconds to make a first impression are already up. Your interviewer has already analyzed your body language, your attire, how friendly you appear. Before you know it, your window to alter their perception of your personality is closing — so be sure you’ve followed a few first impression tips.

How you go about conveying and unpacking your achievements and knowledge can secure a position, but a great first impression goes beyond the material details. Here are five first impression tips for putting your best foot forward with killer first impressions:

1. Show Genuine Interest

Your potential employer is eager to learn more about you, but you should be equally as enthusiastic to learn about their company. Companies value hiring people who have a positive spirit and a genuine interest — you’ll need to show them you’re capable of listening and learning through attentive eye contact, body language and follow-up questions. It’s important to talk about your talents and interests, but remember your conversation should be a two-way street.

2. Do Your Research

Instead of walking into an interview and greeting unfamiliar people, do your research. You may not be able to meet these individuals in person, but you can get to know their accomplishments and backgrounds by looking at company profiles and other materials. Coming in prepared will help you stay relaxed and ready to tailor your answers based on your knowledge of the interviewers. Besides, hiring managers will be impressed that you went the extra mile. They might even be expecting it!

3. Dress the Part

For people who don’t get a chance to talk to you, your appearance is a likely factor you’ll be judged by. This is one of the most overlooked first impression tips, but it’s still important. Dress to impress and show professionalism, but don’t go overboard. Carefully consider a balance between formality, comfort and the company’s expectations, and don’t wear something completely out of your comfort zone because you’ll be less relaxed during the interview.

4. Be Humble, But Confident

Body language weighs more heavily on a first impression than you think. You need to be serious about the position, but your genuine smile will speak volumes. Demonstrate your confidence through a firm handshake and eye contact, but also be sure to stay humble in nature and voice. Sometimes your body language can belie too much confidence, and a dominant personality can turn away potential employers.

5. Follow Up

Sending a follow-up email is a great way to be sure your first impression lingers even after you’ve left the interview. Be sure to thank the company or interviewers for the opportunity. If you said you would send over additional materials, don’t hesitate to send those later that day. Employers will be impressed with your attention to detail and follow-through.

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