The Hidden Opportunities of Contracting

Contract work is becoming very common in the workforce for both employers and employees. Recruiting agencies have plenty of contract opportunities, but when a position comes knocking many people are left perplexed as to if it is the best career choice for them. To de-mystify any misconceptions about contract work, we’ve listed some of the key benefits of contracting so you can decide if it’s the right opportunity for you.

Why Go With Contract Work?

– It allows both the candidate and the employer to test the waters and see if the job is a good culture and career fit. It’s a good trial run without the risk of a solid commitment.

– It is an excellent way to get your foot in the door at a company where it’s typically more competitive to get hired on for a permanent position.

– If you perform well and prove yourself valuable to the company, there is a good chance they will notice and hire you on full-time.

– You have the chance to earn extra pay for overtime hours, something not typically offered through salaried positions. Pay rates for contractors may also be higher than they are for permanent employees.

– You get to be your own CEO. Ultimately, you pick and choose what projects and roles you take on and which ones you don’t want to sign up for.

– You gain a variety of experiences and learn new skills in each role which can really boost your resume and career.

There is of course always a slight risk involved with contract work. Budgets could change, the contract may not be extended or you might find yourself out a work for a short period of time. The great thing about contracting through a recruiting agency is that they can look for the next role before your contract ends, which minimizes the aforementioned risks. Agencies often offer full benefits packages as well which can include healthcare, 401(k) and paid time off.

There are many beneficial aspects of going the contract route, but ultimately it all depends on your personal needs and preferences. You have to weigh the options against what your lifestyle requires and also take into consideration that all contract roles are different. Remember also that every company has their own unique approach to contract work, so make sure you know upfront what you are being offered so you can determine if a contract opportunity is the right move for you.


A special thanks to Celarity Recruiting Director, Brendan Haugo for their input.


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