Holiday Job Hunting

Between Christmas cookies, family gatherings, and copious amounts of food and eggnog, it’s easy to “take a break” from job searching during the holidays. However, this is a common misconception among jobseekers. Hiring managers certainly do not put their job openings on hold in favor of holiday gatherings. The holiday season is a great time to make connections and send resumes to potential employers. Here are a few benefits to persevering in your job hunt through the holiday season:

Less Competition

It is a myth that companies do not hire during the holiday season. Many jobseekers believe this to be true and opt not to job hunt through the holiday season. For you, the ever-perseverant job hunter, this means less competition. In fact, many companies are working on budgets for the coming year, so even if your dream role is not available currently there is a good chance it will be soon. Take advantage of the decreased competition and send your resume first, giving you a one-up on the holiday slackers.

Seasonal Work

A great example of hiring during the holidays is seasonal work. Sure, it might not be your dream job, but if you are looking to pay the bills for Christmas presents working part-time at a retailer may be just right. Besides the money, seasonal jobs fill gaps in your resume.

Holiday Parties

No doubt the holiday season is filled with get-togethers, whether it be with family or friends. Take advantage of meeting new people or re-connecting with old acquaintances and network! Nothing warms hearts like the holidays, so your new connections just may be more willing to help during the giving season. The Celarity Scoop Calendar has a great list of upcoming events and holiday parties in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Hiring is continuous year-round, so don’t let the holidays prevent you from job searching. There are plenty of opportunities to submit your resume, work a retail job to fill resume gaps, or network with friends and family. Sticking with your job hunt through the holidays will pay off for you in the future.


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