How to Create a Productive Workplace

We work in a unique industry where work and play often coincide with one another. Whether it’s an agency party, client dinner or a marketing mixer, creative professionals have discovered a way to work hard and still have fun. It can be easy to get caught up in the fun of the advertising and marketing world, so when it’s time to get down to business, how do you create a more productive and focused work environment for employees? The office is supposed to be a place for productivity and efficiency and this isn’t always the case, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your work environment is as productive as possible.

Create a productive workspace
While you may not always have control over this due to costs, location, etc, the actual work environment itself plays a large role in productivity. Ensuring that each of your employees has their own space, not necessarily an office, but their own space so that they can focus and be productive is essential to productivity. If employees are stacked on top of one another, they may feel crowded and also distracted by other co-workers around them. Additionally, the workspace itself should be adequate for your employee to get work done. For example, enough desk space, the right tools to do the job and the proper technology they need. Set your employees up for success so that when they’re at work, they are given optimal space to be productive.

Support Productivity
According to CBS, employees lose 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings, that’s a lot of time down the drain! We all know that meetings are essential to running a successful business, but they can also detract from productivity if they’re not carefully thought out and planned. Create a clear agenda for each meeting so that you stay on track and time is not wasted. Overall, allow your employees the appropriate amount of time in their day to complete their work and make sure their time is well spent whether it be in meetings or working independently.

Mix it up
Try and develop a workspace and workday that isn’t monotonous day in and day out. If employees do the same routine every single day, they are bound to get distracted and lose focus which leads to a lack of productivity. For example, if you have to train employees on a software/technology, mix it up by catering lunch in the office or taking the training off-site. Additionally, scheduling off-site meetings or even taking part of the day outside can keep employees engaged and interested in their work.

Be flexible
Every employee does their best work in a different way, some need complete silence, some need to take breaks often, no matter how they work, people work very differently. Allow employees the flexibility to work how they feel best, if they need to brainstorm with other people, take a quick walk, work in a conference room, whatever you’re able to allow within means try and make it happen. This will let employees feel that they have the freedom to do their best work and in turn, lead to more efficient and productive work days.

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