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It’s a tough market to find and hire talented workers. Especially, if you’re working with a limited budget. But don’t worry! There are a few things you can do (and consider doing!) to get talented candidates to see past salary and get to work for you. Here’s how to hire top talent on a tight budget:

Direct Attention to Purpose

How do many non-profits end up with talented individuals? They focus on the mission and purpose of the work. And, although some candidates rank salary as their top priority, many candidates have other priorities when looking for a new job.

A great way to find these potential employees is to aim for more referrals and rely on word-of-mouth. Utilize your strong relationships with your employees to encourage them to give your referrals. And, if your employees, clients, or vendors love working with you, they’re more likely to spread the word. Your excellent reputation will likely draw candidates who seek YOU out!

Offer Competitive Benefits

Maybe you can’t offer the highest salary. But what can you offer candidates that other companies can’t? Perhaps you have an amazing work culture or offer fully-paid health benefits. Or, maybe your company is very family-oriented and you present options for job sharing, work-from-home, or flex hours.

Whatever makes your company unique, ensure that you highlight those elements in your job description and job ads. You’ll attract candidates who care more about intangible benefits than salary and compensation.

Consider Outsourcing

If you’re unsure about the type of candidate you’re looking to hire or the specifics of a new role, you may want to consider outsourcing. You can outsource work to another company like a creative or marketing agency until you’re ready to hire in-house.

Or, you can hire a staffing agency to hire an employee through a contracting opportunity. There are several benefits to hiring contractors. You can read more about them here.

Hire Trainable Talent

Candidates without the precise background you’re looking for are likely to cost less than the experienced candidates. Sometimes, it’s actually better to hire someone with potential than an experienced pro with all of the skills.

The candidate with less experience may be more eager and willing to learn the ropes of your business. They may also be more likely to stay longer and grow the role over time. The trick is to hire a self-starter who is coachable and learns new skills quickly. If they’re passionate about the position, company, and/or industry, you’d have scored a great long-term and talented employee.

And, don’t forget to look within your company first – an awesome and trainable candidate may be right under your nose!

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