Hey, congrats on the new position! You finally got the job offer that you have been waiting for. It’s an exciting change and you can’t wait to see what this position has in store for you. But before you get too carried away with the good news, you should start thinking about how you are going to inform your current company.

This can be a daunting experience for everyone involved. The important thing is to ensure that the process remains respectful and that you don’t burn any bridges. Here are a few steps you should take!

Your Boss

First things first: you need to tell your boss. I know that it can be tempting to tell your co-workers about your BIG plan, but you may want to keep that to yourself until you are in the clear. By giving your boss a two-week notice, you are a. allowing your boss to find someone to replace you b. allowing enough time for your co-workers to learn some of your job duties and c. to say farewell to the company.

Depending on your relationship with your boss, you can schedule a time or pop in their office when they’re free. The key is to try and keep the conversation simple and straight to the point. Thank them and let them know that you have enjoyed working with the company, but you have an opportunity that you cannot pass up.

If your boss presents you with a counteroffer, make sure that you have already established the reasons that you are leaving and commit to them. I know the counteroffer may seem like a good idea, but remember that you wouldn’t have been looking for a new job in the first place if you were out of this world “happy”. It’s time for a change, period.

Depending on the organization, you will need to figure out next steps such as where to send a letter of registration. I would recommend talking with someone from HR to help guide you. Remember to keep the letter short and sweet (professional).

Personally Tell The Team

It’s time to tell your work friends your exciting news! Ideally, you will want to tell them face-to-face. Especially, if they were your mentors of some sort. Be prepared to be asked questions such as “why are you leaving or where are you going”? Your co-workers are going to want to know all the details. Use positive words in your explanation. Remember that bridge I was talking about earlier? You do NOT want your reputation, later down the line, to blow up into flames!

Do Not Check Out

I know that it can feel impossible to find that motivation to do anything in your last two weeks, but it is super important to remain positive and continue to do the job well. Truth to be told, your co-workers and boss remember you most at the end. Keeping a healthy relationship with your current company will not only tie up loose ends but leave a positive last impression.

Great ways to do that:

  • Offer to train new employee coming into your position
  • Give suggestions on who could perform your job duties
  • Be available for questions via email after you leave

The Send Off

As you spend your final minutes at the office, remember to ensure everyone that you enjoyed working alongside them and you wish the best for everyone. Keep in mind that as you leave, these people are remaining within the organization. Collect contact info or add them to your Linkedin network if you wish to stay in touch!

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