Hiring a new employee is an exciting experience for any organization. It means you’ve made it through the hiring process and found your ideal candidate. Ensuring that your new hire starts the right way is essential to their first few days and weeks on the job. You of course want them to feel welcomed and appreciated but you also want to make sure they’re prepared, properly trained and feel comfortable with their new environment.

Prior to first day
Once your new employee accepts the offer, make sure all the important details are taken care of. Connecting with the employee prior to their first day to let them know how excited you are for them to start is a great way to break the ice and develop rapport. Additionally, confirm a start date as early as possible, daily hours of work, and any dress code to ensure they are comfortable on their first day.

On the first day
Have everything ready for their arrival. From their desk supplies to their computer, make sure everything is up and running and ready for them to go when they arrive. If they need access to certain accounts, softwares or any documents, make sure these are readily available.

A good idea for every organization is to create a standardized checklist to prepare for each employee’s first day. What they’ll need, their schedule and any administrative tasks that need to be taken care of so you can always be sure you’re not leaving anything out. Make sure the first day is full of different meetings so they can get to know co-workers and also any on-boarding activities that need to take place. Their first day shouldn’t be paperwork and staring at a computer, try and make it exciting and interesting for your new employee.

The first week
The first day may seem like a big deal and once it’s over, there can be a feeling of relief for both parties but the first week is also incredibly important. Continue to schedule training, activities, meetings and lunches for your new employee throughout the week so there isn’t downtime where they’re wondering what to do.

In the first week, your new employee should have met everyone on your team, spent a significant amount of time with their mentor or boss and been incorporated into as many company activities as possible whether that be a lunch, a group meeting or a strategy session.

Not only are you making a first impression on your new employee, you’re shaping their view of your organization and what it’s going to be like working for you. Make things as smooth and inviting as you possibly can, all while trying to educate them and prepare them for their new role.

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