I Landed a Contract Job – Now What?

How to fit in, make an impression and succeed on the job

Maybe You Feel…

Nervous. Excited. Curious. Opportunistic. Determined.

Those are some of the ways Celarity consultants and freelancers have felt when starting that first contract or contract-to-hire assignment.

Jenna Carr, a Celarity Content Marketing Specialist, knows those feelings. She has worked in contract roles and understands all the emotions, questions and uncertainties that come with a new contract position.

“It was stressful not knowing if I’d be hired on permanently,” Carr admits. “I decided to take the unknown and become an invaluable member of the team. Working closely with management and my peers, both in my department and in other departments, eventually earned me a permanent spot with the company. There’s lot to be said for networking within your workplace and putting your all into your work.”

What Celarity Staffers Have to Say

Be Flexible

“Embrace the chance to experience a different atmosphere, culture, industry and management style,” says Kelly Gunderson, Celarity’s Client Development Manager. “You never know where you will be best utilized until you try it so be flexible as well.”

Stay Close to Your Hiring Manager and Your Recruiter
Throughout the length of the contract, work to stay in close contact with both your manager and recruiter. Work to develop a strong relationship with your manager – he or she will play a big part in recommending that the company either extend your contract or hire you on as a permanent employee if that option exists, says Brittany Smith, HR Manager with Celarity. If you’re working on a long term contract, you may be eligible for a pay raise after a year or more on assignment. Your manager’s recommendation will be essential to getting that raise approved.

If things get off to a slow start, or you are struggling with the role or fitting in, reach out to your recruiter for advice. The recruiter can help troubleshoot any issues and provide guidance. After all, Celarity has hired employees for contract roles at over 500 companies. Their staff has seen it all and can coach you on how to handle any workplace scenario.

When there are about one or two months left in the contract, start circling back with your Celarity recruiter to focus on what’s next with the existing role or what else may be out there for the next role.
“If a consultant knows that their contract is coming to an end, we can proactively start searching for other opportunities for them,” says recruiter, Katie Larson.

Be Professional

No matter what, be professional at all times, says Smith. Be punctual and have consistent attendance. If you need to take time off, give your manager as much notice as possible.

“A contractor who treats the assignment casually will most likely not be considered for a long time employment,” says Smith.

Employers like to keep top talent on their teams and will usually do everything they can to retain it, says Celarity Marketing Recruiter, Nick Burns. Make it a no-brainer for the hiring manager to want to renew your contract or keep you on full-time.

Learn the Culture

“Do everything you can to absorb the company’s core values, culture, systems and processes,” says Burns. “Don’t think future, think now. The future will fall into place. Become a master at your craft in the role and make it impossible for your peers and manager to part ways with you.”

Once you’re in with a staffing firm like Celarity, you want to stay in. And if you are the ace employee companies want, be assured your agency’s recruiting staff is doing everything they can to help you find your next amazing opportunity, says Gunderson.

“It’s usually easier for us to place a candidate we already have a relationship with,” adds Gunderson. “We know their likes, dislikes and the type of environment they feel most comfortable in.”

Want to find the right work opportunity for you with Celarity? Check out our job opportunities here!

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