IABC Event Recap: Reinvigorating Your Career with Lars Leafblad

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By Katie Larson, Lead Marketing Recruiter at Celarity

Last week I had the opportunity to check out my first International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Minnesota Chapter, Event.  Lars Leafblad, a co-founder of Ballinger | Leafblad, Inc. and Pollen Midwest, spoke to the group about how to reinvigorate your career.  Here are a few of the key takeaways I found to be most useful!

Be pre-emptive & don’t be afraid to ask for help

Don’t wait until you’re in transition. If you’re looking to make a change, make sure you’re asking for help before that change occurs. And, don’t be afraid to ask for help! More often than not, people look forward to helping others succeed.

You don’t have to be in-between jobs to seek-out a career coach or mentor, though. Remember, these professionals are experts in accountability. So, they’ll keep you on track for hitting your career goals.

Differentiate yourself on LinkedIn

Always make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your resume; most hiring managers will cross-reference. Don’t forget to include your hobbies and interests in the appropriate sections of your profiles. Human factors can create a shared connection in places you wouldn’t have expected.

Plus, take pictures and share them on LinkedIn. A picture is not only worth 1,000 words, but it’s also worth 1,000 views and impressions!

Make networking events less stressful

When you go to an event, have a set outcome in mind; it will empower you to concentrate more on the people you connect with and their stories. To make the idea of meeting lots of new people less overwhelming, make sure you prepare 2-3 good questions. That should be enough to get you started; remember,  people love to talk about themselves!

Pay it forward

Seeds that we plant come to fruition at unexpected moments. Seeking to connect the dots for others will benefit you in the long-term. So, ensure you’re “paying it forward” before you need things in return!

It’s the simple things that can matter most and we don’t have to stop our busy lives to be helpful to others. For example, you can do simple things like nominate others for awards, share events, meet for coffee, or include others on job email chains, etc.!

Want to hear my best tips and tricks for job hunting? My colleague, Lizzy, and I will be speaking at the upcoming IABC Coffee & Connecting event! Check out more information about it, here.

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