Learn to Love Your Job

Are you currently sitting at your desk looking for things to do? Constantly swamped by an unreasonable amount of work? Terrible workplace culture? There are countless factors that could cause you to dislike your job. The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, often times more if you’re working a stressful or high pressure job.

Do you really want to spend any of those 90K hours miserable and wishing you had another job? Of course not! Sure you could quit, but finding a new job isn’t the easiest in today’s job market and most people can’t afford to be unemployed for any amount of time. So, sometimes we have to make the best of what we’ve got, even if that means a horrible boss, too much work or a boring job. Here are a few ways you can learn to love a job you’re not too fond of:

The grass is always greener!
Sure the agency across town has cooler yoga classes and more perks, but it might not be all it’s cracked up to be. The only way you truly know what it’s like to work at an organization is actually working there. Take the time to think about the positive aspects of your job and try to incorporate those on a daily basis. If you love your co-workers, go to lunch with them, if you love the actual work you’re doing-focus on that. It’s all about focusing on the positive.

Look for a solution
Whether it’s your workload, co-workers or just the company in general, actively look for ways to make your job something you can get more enjoyment out of. Set up a time with your manager to discuss your workload, look for openings in different departments or make an effort to add new responsibilities or projects to your role.

Be happy outside of work
If you’re not content being at work, make the most of your free time. Do the things that you love, see the people that matter and your life may start to feel more fulfilled and happy. Even if your work conditions remain the same, putting more effort into things that make you happy outside of work can help your attitude and outlook.

Recharge and refresh
A lot of animosity towards your job can come from how you’re living. Not enough sleep? You’ll be cranky. Too much to do? You’ll always feel overwhelmed. Whether you’ve got too much on your plate at home or at work, spread out the responsibilities. Also, make sure you’re taking care of yourself emotionally and physically.

Do what you can
Going along with looking for a solution, think about what you can personally do. Maybe you can brighten up your workspace with personal touches, spend more days working remotely if allowed, don’t gossip with co-workers and learn to maximize the areas of your job that do make you happy.

Have you been pushed to your limits and don’t see any job love in the future? We can help! We have several minneapolis job openings in marketing, creative and IT that you’re sure to love.

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