We’re all familiar with LinkedIn and it’s popularity in the business world, but do we all know how to use it the right way? LinkedIn has become an incredible tool to help job seekers and create new connections. Everyone has tips to use LinkedIn the right way, but could you be doing some things wrong? Should you connect with people you don’t know? Post updates daily? Here are a few things to avoid on LinkedIn:

Not completing your profile
Whether you’re a job seeker or looking to network through LinkedIn, filling out your profile completely is your best bet for success. When recruiters search for candidates they use keywords and titles, make sure you treat your profile as an “SEO challenge” and optimize your profile to be found. If you’re simply networking, completing your profile will allow people to learn about you and your experiences and help them remember you.

Adding connections just because
You may have heard that it’s not the size of your network that matters, it’s what you do with your network that does. This applies directly to LinkedIn and adding connections to your network. While it’s beneficial to create a presence and add your contacts, connecting with people you don’t know just to increase your network isn’t necessary. You want your LinkedIn network to be useful and not clogged with people you don’t know. Unless you’re familiar with someone or looking to connect with them about a business deal/networking opportunity, don’t connect with strangers.

Being impersonal
You know those automated messages that generate when you connect with someone? Don’t use those! When you connect with someone, take it as an opportunity to catch up or start a conversation like congratulating them on their new position or ask to grab coffee soon. Especially if the connection is someone you’d like to do business with/connect with about a job, make your messages personal and meaningful.

Selling 24/7
LinkedIn is meant to help you maintain and grow your network and can also help your business at the same time, but this should not be your main focus. We all see people who constantly sell their product/services and it’s annoying right? If you’re going to promote your business on LinkedIn, make it useful to your connections by posting information blogs, articles or information.

Not having an active presence
You don’t have to post updates daily, but setting up your account and then not touching it for a few months won’t benefit you in any way. This is a huge mistake if you’re a job seeker, you should be actively posting and interacting with groups and people on LinkedIn and establish yourself as knowledgeable source. Posting relevant content about your industry and interacting with other connections will create a positive image for yourself as a job seeker.

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