How to Make Work a Place Your Employees Love

The key to growing your business into a great company is to have great talent that is excited to come to work every day. How do you motivate your employees so they are in love with their jobs? Take a look at the list below to find out how to create a positive, happy workplace where your employees feel engaged and excited to work.

Start with a good wage

The first step to motivate your employees is simple: pay them a decent wage. The better pay your employees receive, the more qualified talent you attract to the company who are more likely to perform well. Employees are an important investment and should be treated as such. Pay could also come in the form of benefits, for example, giving healthcare packages where the employee is well-covered and offering to reimburse for degree programs or extra classes they enroll in.

Let employees know you appreciate them

Appreciating employees can range from verbally telling them they did a great job to awarding them with bonuses for reaching goals. Employers should also listen to their employees and be open to suggestions. If you conduct a meeting, leave time at the end for your staff to make comments and welcome their input. This makes employees feel their role within the company is important, which is proven to increase productivity.

Create a fun workspace

A good workspace reflects the culture of the company, and there are countless ways to create a workspace that is more conducive to creativity, allowing your employees more freedom in their work. A few examples are letting your employees decorate and organize their workspaces however they choose as well as offering comfortable spots for group collaboration. Put hammocks up in the office, build a workout room, have the staff do morning yoga together, get crazy with it! There are no boundaries or limits to the many ways you can make the office a fun place to be.

Give people room to grow in the organization

It helps employee happiness and satisfaction if they know they have room to grow. A big reason why people leave one company for another, is because they hit a ceiling or realize they can’t go further in their job. If you provide plenty of opportunities for your workers, they are more likely to stick with the company and you will really be taking advantage of your talent by giving them more responsibilities as they demonstrate their value to the company.

Ask for feedback

Much like you evaluate your employees, give them the chance to evaluate you and the company. Your workers make up the essence of your organization so inquire into what their thoughts and suggestions are. This could be done by conducting quarterly or yearly surveys that ask your employees questions like why they continue to choose to work at the company and what areas they feel could be improved upon. It’s also important to glean information from all employee levels, even interns, because you never know where the next brilliant idea could come from. Give everyone a voice and let them be heard.

In order for these practices to work it is important to remember that the management itself has to be open, motivated and positive. The mood displayed by management and executives will reflect onto the employees and affect the overall atmosphere of the workplace. When the whole team is working together they can make work a place everyone loves to be.

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