More and more each year we are seeing new jobs emerge that tackle the ever-changing market that is the Internet. Disruptive technology is always surprising us and there’s an urgent need for people who know how to make good use out of it. So what do some of these jobs look like? Below we’ve listed four of the most in-demand jobs right now related to emerging technology that we predict will continue to grow and expand into 2015:

Web Analyst

Because so many companies are now using big data as their main tool to implement strategy, it makes sense that data analyst jobs have skyrocketed this year. Companies want to hire experts in analytics and information systems who can deliver tangible results and navigate through troves of data. Skills most needed for Web Analyst positions are:

  • Excellent knowledge of new research techniques and technologies.
  • Ability to work with large sets of different and detailed data and effectively summarize the information into a presentation format.
  • Google Analytics and Adwords certified.
  • Strong understanding of market research and statistics to effectively interpret web data.

Paid Search Specialist

While Paid Search Specialists can be very similar to Web Analyst positions, they focus much more on the strategy and implementation of paid search campaigns. Paid Search Specialists work alongside the social, analytics and SEO teams, with specific dedication to the successful execution of a company’s paid search initiatives. Paid search experts possess skills such as:

  • Google Adwords certified
  • Ability to develop, maintain and optimize sets of keywords.
  • Budget, test and write effective search campaigns.
  • Strong organizational, analytical and communications skills.

UX/UI Designer

Although UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are technically two different positions, they both have quite a bit of overlap, and it’s not uncommon for a company to hire one employee to perform both sets of duties. Of all the jobs in this blog UX and UI Designers are probably the hottest, with a demand so high that companies are having trouble keeping up to find skilled people for these roles. A UX/UI Designer normally has the following skillset:

  • Adept at Adobe CS or other relevant design tools.
  • Proven ability to develop wireframes, storyboards and sitemaps for screens.
  • Define interaction models, UI Specifications and user task flows.
  • Strong visual design skills, especially for system-level details.
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS, and current on latest responsive design trends

Content Strategist

What used to be referred to as, ‘Social Media Specialist,’ has now expanded into ‘Content Strategist.’ Content Strategists essentially use data and language to create valuable content that provides interactive and significant experiences for an organization’s audience. People in this role tend to have a knack for storytelling and are meant to make a company look good by providing effective and polished web content. Some requirements for this position would normally be:

  • Highly knowledgeable of various social media platforms.
  • Skilled in web content strategy and implementation.
  • Strong skills in writing and editing for content and grammar.
  • Ability to track and stay current with new media trends and emerging technologies.

There are plenty of opportunities if you’re searching for work, looking to up your skillset, or both with these new jobs. Whether you’re a brilliant writer, a logical thinker or a designer there is something for you, it’s just a matter of staying modern with your craft.

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