Chances are that you’ve heard of Quiet Quitting. Spreading rapidly in the media and online, the term is being used to describe employees that are not quitting their jobs but rather quitting the idea of going above and beyond when performing work tasks. 

Some coin the Quiet Quitting movement as “acting your wage,” while others believe this practice is used by employees merely coasting through their jobs. Regardless of opinion, several ideals remain true: Quiet Quitting means something different to everyone, and it is not an entirely new concept.

A recent article by Inc. dives into the phenomenon’s history, born from the long-standing practice of hustle culture and living to work. With shifting priorities and perceptions of what it means to be an employee, it is no surprise that individuals are looking at their jobs differently now than they may have years or decades ago. The Great Reprioritization showed us that people are taking the time to reflect on what is important on a personal level and prioritizing those things.

So, what is there to be done about Quiet Quitting? The first step to addressing this movement is to take the quiet out of it! Let’s get to the bottom of why employees need to engage in Quiet Quitting and what managers can do to promote active engagement on teams. Creating work-life balance, advocating for the mental health of employees, and offering flexibility is a great place for leadership to start.

Kelly Gunderson and Katie Larson discussed this trending topic on their recent LinkedIn Live: “Quiet Quitting: The What, Why, & What Now Behind the Fall’s Buzziest Term”.

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