Are you in line or hoping for a promotion in the near future? Promotions are rare in today’s business world. You’ll hear about people being in the same position for years and not receiving one. Sometimes the company doesn’t have the structure to promote employees or they have a complicated hierarchy but most of the time, employees just aren’t setting themselves up for success!

Here are 5 things you can do to position yourself for a promotion:

1. Prove it
Promotions aren’t just given out to everyone. If an employee receives a promotion in your department, it’s most likely because they are working the hardest, demonstrating their work ethic and proving they deserve one. Put yourself in your manager’s shoes, what would you want to see out of someone to give a promotion? Go the extra mile, deliver on action items and prove that you’re worth it.

2. Build relationships
If you walk into the office, put your head down at your computer, and walk out at the end of the day without socializing and building relationships, would you promote you? A manager wants to see someone that works well with their co-workers and positively impacts the organization’s culture. Your promotion will most likely be based off of your attitude, work ethic and how your managers and colleagues perceive your role in the company.

3. Get a mentor
Know someone who was previously in the position you’re hoping to get? It never hurts to ask for guidance and can be flattering to the person you ask. Developing a strong relationship with your manager or someone higher up in your department can help open doors, as well as allow you to gain important insight about their career paths within the organization.

4. Talk about it
If you’re not bringing up the idea for a promotion, you’re going to end up sitting around and waiting until your manager gets to it. Try to keep the promotion top of mind for yourself and your manager. Addressing your career path will allow your manager to see that you’re passionate and driven to move up within the company.  It’s your career and you should take control of your success whenever you can!

5. Don’t give up!
Don’t expect a promotion the second you bring it up. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t let a delay in your promotion discourage you. Stay the course, continue to work hard and prove yourself to your colleagues and managers. Especially in larger companies, the structure of organizations can hinder a speedy approval process so be patient!

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