Six Tips for Success as a Career Consultant

Like any full-time permanent job, becoming a career consultant, contractor or contract-to-hire employee is all about building a solid reputation in your industry. A strong work ethic, proven ability to exceed expectations and build relationships with employers and your staffing firm are key,” says Katie Larson, Marketing Recruiter with Celarity.
“The more successful contracting opportunities one completes, the bigger their network will become and the better their reputation will be in the industry.”

Debunking the Benefit Myth

Many talented professionals shy away from working for a staffing firms because they assume that  health and retirement benefits are unavailable.
“A huge benefit of working with Celarity is that we offer medical and dental benefits, as well as PTO and a 401k,” says Larson. “This helps a lot more contractors feel more stable as well.”

“Succeeding as a career consultant or contractor comes down to talent, dedication, and networking,” says Kelly Gunderson, Client Development Manager for Celarity. “The more people you know in your industry, the more opportunities will come your way. Freelancing and contracting is a lot about who you know. But having a strong relationship with your recruiting agency is also key. Recruiting agencies usually have access to hiring managers and decision makers that one might not have access to on their own. Utilize these relationships as much as you can.”

Six Tips for Success as a Career Consultant

Also, follow these tips from Gunderson to pursue a career as a contract or contract-to-hire employee:
1. Stay organized and be proactive. Be sure not to burn any bridges. You never know when you will need someone’s help down the road.
2. Connect with the right recruiter: Be sure to find a recruiter with whom you mesh well. This relationship is key. “Check in periodically to keep yourself top of mind,” says Gunderson. “Impress the recruiting agency’s clients and they will want to keep placing you.”
3. Select the right staffing agency: Make sure you pick a recruiting agency that offers benefits. For example, Celarity offers benefits such as PTO,  health and dental insurance and 401k with employer matching. There are also insurance plans available on the open market for those who want to explore additional options.
4. Make smart financial decisions: Hire a financial advisor to assist in planning your future. There are a lot of saving options out there. Come up with a budget and plan that suits your lifestyle.
5. Handling gaps in employment: In every career, there is always the possibility of employment gaps. If you find yourself briefly unemployed, your savings account and your professional network come in handy. Leave room in your budget to build your savings account so you are prepared for times of low income.  Be proactive in your search if you know that your current contract is coming to an end. You may search independently and ask your recruiter to consider you for open roles.
6. Be open about goals: Be transparent and vocal with your current manager. Communicate about the possibility of a contract extension.

Stay Current in Your Industry

“It’s also important to stay up to date on best industry practices, new software, and certifications,” says Brittany Smith, Celarity Human Resources Manager. Make yourself an invaluable asset and resource to the staffing firm and next employer.
“Celarity works with plenty of career contractors who love what they do,” says Smith. “Those employees are successful because they get rave reviews from each company for which they do contract work. Celarity takes employer references seriously, and we won’t try to place an employee who doesn’t have a great reputation. A Celarity recommendation is respected by Twin Cities employers who know that a Celarity contractor will be highly skilled and professional.”
Nick Burns, a recruiter with Celarity, agrees. “Be a sponge on the job,” says Burns. “Pick up as many technical skills as possible, ensure you have great references from each contracted position and find a recruiter who’s willing to be your advocate both during and between contracts.”

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