The Great Resignation Panel Discussion

Have you heard of “The Great Resignation”? Sources cite somewhere between 30-50% of Americans have plans to quit their job in 2021. So, what can leaders do to engage, grow and retain members of their teams?

Watch this engaging panel discussion now!

The live audience shared amazing feedback

“These are the brightest and the best leaders. Keep it going!”
– Michael

“Gina is on fire!”

“Great job panelists! Very informative and helpful!”
– Nick

Celarity teamed up with SafeNet Consulting, a Custom Technology Solutions Firm, to co-host a powerful panel discussion designed to address The Great Resignation. This hybrid-location event featured business leader panelists; Gina Lemon, Kelly Gunderson, Kelli Schnieder, Brian Johnson, and moderator, Kelli Williams. During the event, we hosted nearly 300 attendees between our in-person and online locations.  

Discussion topics the panel addressed include:

  • Key reasons why the number of people projected to leave their roles—the great resignation—is so high.
  • Have they made any leadership style or approach changes this last year? If so, what changes were made and what were the outcomes?
  • Did they personally make a mistake or have seen a colleague make related to supporting team members?
  • Ways to handle or prevent employee burnout—the idea that people are doing more work with less support (or decreased team coverage)— within their team, even when this can be out of a leader’s hands.
  • Specific onboarding or other career-stage-based employee engagement approaches they have used successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • What can business leaders do to prevent people from leaving – e.g., how do you keep people engaged and happy, so they don’t leave?
  • How important team communication is and specific regular communications they apply.
  • Leaders can’t always change company policies, but if we could, what is one company policy every organization should enact related to team member satisfaction?
  • Mental health is such an important topic – supporting people with mental health struggles, either diagnosed or undiagnosed. From your seat, what does it look like to support employee mental health?

What the live audience had to say 

“Good job Kelly Gunderson for being so honest.”

“Thank you all for sharing so authentically today. Great insights!”
– PK

“I love the energy, honesty, and thoughts coming out of this panel.”
– Sam

Stay tuned for additional insights and resources from our panelists coming soon. They’ll be sharing more of their unique personal experiences in a follow-up Q&A on the topic of The Great Resignation.

Follow-Up Questions for our Panelists

Our panelists addressed questions that were submitted by our online audience in follow-up Q&A sessions. Watch their responses below.

Brian Johnson, Director of Enterprise Architecture,
Gina Lemon, VP of Human Resources,
Timberland Partners
Kelli Schnieder, President,
SafeNet Consulting
Kelly Gunderson, Client Experience Director,

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