The Job Interview: A Great Tip for After the Introductions

We all know that first impressions happen immediately and take only seconds.  For better or for worse, you won’t have much time to make your first impression when you show up for the interview.  Do the best you can, present yourself in a professional light, and you should do just fine.

Today’s topic, though, is about those few golden moments after your first impression has been made, right at the beginning of the interview.  It’s still a great time to show your best traits, and still ripe with opportunity…if you choose to step out and take charge.

Once you’re at the interview, everyone is present, and the introductions have been finished, you’ll have your first opportunity to show your energy and eagerness.  Do this by being the first to speak.

As you open your notebook and ready your pen, begin with a smile and an opening remark along the lines of, “I want to tell you something; I’m excited to be here today.”  Follow that up immediately with your first question, one that will really convey your interest to the interviewer.  For example, “Now, I expect there are probably 3-5 traits that a candidate needs to be successful in this job.  What are those?”

This approach will show your interviewer that you are, in fact, excited to be at the interview, and moreover, that you’re willing to take the first step and get things going.  Just make sure your first question is relevant.  Don’t ask something that you should be expected to know about the job or company already.

Make sure you listen to the interviewer’s answer carefully, and write it down for your notes.  If you’re especially astute, you’ll be able to use the information you glean from that first question in your own answers later on during the interview.

Taking the initiative coupled with a well thought out first question will show prospective employers that you’re not just at the interview because they asked you to come in.  They’ll see that you’re bright, quick and ready to start working.

Celarity is a Minneapolis staffing agency that works with marketing, communications, and creative professionals looking to explore new work opportunities, and get connected with organizations that are hiring.

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