The Most Overused Buzzwords in Marketing

Does “can we measure the engagement of our viral content and the ROI of our SoLoMo campaign?” make you cringe? Yeah, us too! With the evolution of digital and social marketing, our business jargon has evolved into a list of overused phrases we’re all a little sick of hearing. ROI and community engagement are certainly things that need to be talked about, but check out our list of the most overused phrases in the business today:

1. “I’m a guru/ninja”
Even if you’re really great at social media, it does not mean that you are the “master” or that you’re fighting off social media with your ninja skills. You can be really great at your job and show it in other ways besides creating silly titles for yourself. If you’re a social media pro, call yourself that!

2. “Social ROI”
We’ve heard this at countless events this year and it’s got to go! Your first goal with social shouldn’t be ROI, it should be to produce engaging social content that your followers and fans will care about. The term ROI is broadly overused in general.

3. “Big Data”
Not only is this phrase overused but it’s also very vague. Don’t use this phrase to generalize about a strategy and analysis.

4. “Engagement”
Everyone says it but how do you define it? You can say a click is engagement but are they truly engaging with the content? Do they have to spend time on the page to count as engagement? This is a very vague term and hard to define in the marketing world.

5. “Viral”
While it’s true that some campaigns are made to go viral and viral videos do exist, not everything has to be created with the intent to go viral. Most likely, your content isn’t meant for a viral audience so focus more on creating content that your audience cares about and can engage with.

In the right context, all of these terms and phrases have their place in the marketing world, be aware of how  you and your organization are using these in your daily business! Check out the list of the 30 most overused buzzwords in digital marketing.

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