The Real Scoop on How to Work with a Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Does it cost me anything as a candidate to work with a recruiter?

Our client companies, not the candidate, pay us for any associated costs of finding a candidate and it does not affect your pay/salary in any way.

Can I still work with other recruiters?

Absolutely! Registering and meeting with multiple staffing organizations is encouraged, according to Nick Burns, a Celarity Recruiter. It’s important for a candidate and a recruiter to build a strong, trusting relationship with open lines of communication. By meeting with multiple agencies, you can learn about each company and find the right recruiter and company you feel most comfortable with.

“It’s widely known that most job seekers have multiple advocates helping them along the way, so it would not hurt their reputation to meet with multiple staffing agencies,” Burns said. “Finding that trustworthy source will be key.”

How long does it take until I start hearing about new opportunities?

Depending on what opportunities we’re currently trying to fill, you may hear about an opportunity when you come in for an interview to meet with your recruiter.

You may see an ad or hear about a position and wonder why your recruiter didn’t contact you about it.  Agencies typically only present a few candidates to a client for each need. Clients are busy, that’s why they call an agency. They only want to see the very best matches that fit most ALL of their criteria for the position. We encourage candidates to stay closely in touch with their recruiter.

Can you help me if I apply for other jobs directly?

Yes, we can give you general job search advice and tips on interviewing for any position you find on your own. If you agree to hear about roles we are working on, then we ask that you work only through us for those specific positions.

Does Celarity offer benefits?

Yes, all full-time W2 contract employees of Celarity are offered company sponsored major medical health insurance, 401K, Dental and many assignments are eligible for PTO (paid time off). Celarity contractors also receive perks such as gift cards, gift boxes, birthday treats, happy hours, training events and more.


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