Today, with all of the information we have and our hectic schedules, it’s easy for our work lives to get cluttered as we constantly jump from one thing to the next. With all that busyness, it can be difficult to prioritize tasks and stay organized. Luckily, we’re here to help!  Check out these useful tools to enhance your performance and optimize your time:


Tableau is the perfect elixir for a common problem in our data-filled world: explaining the data. Tableau is a series of data visualization products that “make analyzing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful” for business intelligence. Tableau users may organize their data into dashboards, worksheets and stories, all with a simple layout that is easy to understand and beautiful to look at. It’s an ideal tool to help business analysts effectively communicate their data and make large amounts of information accessible to a wider group of people.


Let’s face it. With email, IM and different forms of file sharing, communication around the office can get a bit messy. But with Slack, it’s now possible to keep all communication in one place. Slack is customizable and setup is easy. Users can create private groups, public channels and direct messaging between team members. Slack also integrates with programs like Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Twitter and more, making it easier than ever to improve workflow, share files and search for information.


Do you ever get that unsure feeling where you second-guess what you wrote in an email? With Grammarly, you can now wipe your editing worries away and feel confident when you hit “send.” It’s an editing platform with more than 250 grammar checks that edits wherever you write on the web. So whether it’s for a social media post, an email or a website post, Grammarly will automatically proofread your content and check for plagiarism to make sure you’re not slipping up in your everyday writing.


Unfortunately we often don’t have time to read, watch and interact with all of the information we come across. But never fear, Pocket is here! With Pocket, you can save any article, video or other media for a rainy day. So when things slow down and you can finally read that interesting article on leadership (or watch that funny YouTube video your friend sent you), you know exactly where to find it. No more searching through emails or relying on your memory to find a long lost article. What’s also great is that once something is saved to Pocket, you no longer need an internet connection to retrieve it.  You can access your saved information anytime, anywhere, on any device!

LinkedIn Learning (formerly

What if there was one website that offered endless career development training? Well, there is, and it was called Lynda and is NOW called LinkedIn Learning. When you sign up for LinkedIn Learning, you immediately have access to thousands of online video training courses on almost any kind of software, creative, business or technology subject you can imagine. Want to learn how to create better content for your blogs? How to code with Ruby? How to come up with a better sales pitch? This and more can all be found on LinkedIn Learning, and for a much lower price than taking an alternative private course. The courses themselves are taught by recognized industry experts, so the training you receive is always top-notch.


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