Top 10 Blogs for Marketing, Creative & IT Job Seekers

When you’re a job seeker, you need all the help and advice you can get. Which is why we’ve done our research and pulled together the top 10 blogs for you to read with the latest on movement in the job market, how to sell yourself to employers and how to advance your career once you’ve landed that dream job. Check them out below!

Contently – A New York City-based company helping connect writers with brands that need content, Contently also has a pretty stellar blog. Their topics feature industry insights on various subjects in the marketing, creative and IT fields. The cornucopia of advice Contently offers gives you a leg up on the latest content and tech trends when you apply for jobs, making you more competitive as a candidate.

Avid Careerist – Executive resume writer, Donna Svei, knows a thing or two about making a candidate look good to an employer. Her blog, Avid Careerist, shows you how to stand apart from the crowd by constructing a knockout resume. Whether it be specific tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile or debunking the myths behind applicant tracking systems (ATS), Svei can help you reach resume nirvana.

Levo – The ultimate blog for millennial professionals, Levo provides young workers with tons of resources and articles aimed at helping you navigate and advance your career. New to the “grown-up job” world and need help with personal finance? Or how to get the creative juices flowing in the workplace? Levo’s your go-to.

LinkedIn Blog – Being that it’s the largest online social network for business professionals, it makes sense that LinkedIn would have a blog with great content for job seekers. With the trove of data they’ve collected from their millions of users and the interactions that happen on the network, LinkedIn is able to create compelling blogs about the job industry based on solid facts they’ve obtained.

Life After College – If you’re a new grad just getting your feet wet in the job market, this is the perfect blog for you. Life After College, a blog by Jenny Blake, gives you simple and practical tips so you never lose sight of the big picture in your career. Through this blog, you’ll gain inspiration for every facet of your life while also gleaning essential tips for job hunting.

TheDailyMuse – This blog offers tons of great career advice. Learn what companies are really like behind the scenes, see email templates that will help you land an interview and discover changes you can make to improve your everyday work life. When it comes to career advice, TheDailyMuse blog is a must-have in your reading list.

Spark Advice – The resource library at Spark Advice is chock-full of interviewing tips, tricks and best practices. They also offer loads of e-courses and e-books geared toward learning how to interview better, as well a large infographics section with visually-compelling career tips and facts.

Business Insider Careers – A juggernaut of a news source, up there with The New York Times and Time, Business Insider’s career section is your ultimate source for the latest stats and trends in the job market. For career insights from CEOs, news about what cities have the best jobs and more, Business Insider is hard to beat.

RecruiterDotCom – RecruiterDotCom is the right place to look if you want to advance your career. With a plethora of information including resume tips, interview advice and ways to negotiate a salary, RecruiterDotCom has pretty much everything your job seeking heart could desire.

CareerBright – Both a job search engine and a blog, CareerBright is a perfect two-in-one site for the job seeker looking to save time. You can read through interview and resume insights and then hop on over to the job search page, using what you learned to find a job that fits you and your skill set!


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