Top Resources for Marketing, Creative & Digital Job Seekers in 2022

The internet is a job seeker’s most crucial tool to success today. From connecting with potential employers online to researching job hunting best practices in the marketing and creative industry, it’s a goldmine of resources and opportunity.  With so much information on what’s hot or not in the job-seeking world, how do you filter out the high-quality content from the junk? 

There are countless blogs, articles, videos, and podcasts on how to write the perfect resume and how to follow up after an interview. But, it’s hard to tell who really knows what they’re talking about.

So, we’ve weeded through hundreds of job seeker resources to bring you our top favorites in each of these four categories for 2022:

  • Blogs
  • YouTube channels
  • Podcasts
  • Tools

Filled with quality content, awesome advice, and handy features, add these to your subscription list or web browser bookmarks today!


There is an endless list of career blog sites out there – but which are most relevant for today and are still being actively updated as we head into 2022? Here are a few great blog resources (besides our own!) that are creating fresh and original content for marketing, creative, and digital job seekers:

The Muse

The Muse has an expansive blog section under their web tab, “Career Advice.” In their own words, “ a career you love. Get practical advice on finding a job, exploring different career paths, and succeeding in the job you already have.”

Ms. Career Girl

Ms. Career Girl is a resource dedicated to professional women who want it all – a great career, happy and healthy family, loving relationships, and strong sense of self. For the purpose of this post, we recommend diving into their “Job Search” category under the “Career” tab.

Bonus blog resource for job seekers: 

Glassdoor is a helpful tool for many job seekers looking for company information and honest employee reviews. However, they also have a blog filled with up-to-date information and job market trends. Check it out here.

YouTube Channels

If you prefer to consume video content over written posts, there are a lot of great channel options for marketing, creative and digital job seekers. Here are a few we suggest:

Self Made Millennial

Self Made Millennial has been featured on Business Insider, Newsweek,  and Forbes, and named a “Top 10 YouTube Channel for Job Seekers,” and a “Top 5 Career YouTube Channel.” Madeline Mann has experience from her career in HR and recruiting and shares her real-world advice on many job hunting topics.

Linda Raynier

Linda focuses on sharing practical, useful and heart-centered advice for those looking to take the next step in their careers. She also has a website that offers private career coaching and job seeker courses.

Bonus YouTube channel resource for job seekers:

Neil Patel has some great videos specifically geared toward marketing professionals and the interview process.


If you’re anything like the marketing crew at Celarity, you prefer a podcast over anything else. Here are our current choices to get the best job seeker advice:

Career Warrior Podcast

This podcast provides motivational advice and job hunting strategies from industry professionals, resume experts, and other job seekers. Episode lengths range from 9 minutes to 35 minutes, so you won’t have to spend an entire hour to get some actionable advice out of a single episode.

Find Your Dream Job

Find Your Dream Job offers job seekers insider secrets, job search tips, and advice on how to develop a purposeful career. Episodes generally last around 25 minutes and feature professional guests.

Bonus Podcast resource for job seekers:

Described as a one-stop-shop for all things job hunting, the 7 Minute Job Interview podcast focuses on more than just resume and interviewing tips. Their latest episodes discuss competition in the workplace, work addiction, and how to find out about a company’s culture.


Tools are an essential part of the marketing, creative and digital job seeker’s journey to finding new opportunities that match their specific skills set. Here are some of our top tool suggestions to use in 2022:

This tool is employer-reported data which is more meaningful than employee reported data on platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor. Additionally, you can run reports and input custom information to adjust for specific pay factors. It’s not perfect but the information will give you a baseline.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts allows users to set up notifications for specific topics or terms. Whenever that term is mentioned on the web, the alert will send a notification to your email address. You can use the alert to follow a company you’re interested in or be notified about a new job posting within a specific company. Here’s how to set-up Google Alerts.


As of 2021, LinkedIn has 760 million users — 40% of them are accessing it on a daily basis. LinkedIn has become one of the prime ways that professionals connect in a world where virtual influence now rules. From creating your own personal brand to finding the next best career opportunity for you, LinkedIn has become the way in which marketing, creative and digital professionals engage.

Bonus Tool:

 If you’re looking for some more advice on the entire job-seeking process, check out Celarity’s The Ultimate Job Search Guide.

One of your most valuable resources as a job seeker is the internet and online communities with awesome advice for people like you. Don’t be afraid to get involved and do your research! There are more and more resources available everyday. 

Looking for the perfect opportunity? Consider working with Celarity to get access to jobs that aren’t posted online. Apply with Celarity today!

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