Tweets, retweets, hashtags, mentions and follows. Can any of these things really help you find what you’re looking for in your job search? The answer is yes. The Twitter platform has evolved into one of the greatest and largest resources for sharing and gathering information. While Twitter has some useless information, when you dig a little deeper there is a whole world of valuable content waiting to be discovered. Twitter is all about finding the users that interest you most. Particularly in a job search, the people that will provide valuable content to you concerning, job opportunities, advice, networking events and possible connections to enhance your efforts. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your job search using Twitter.


  •  Make sure your Twitter handle is your name or a close variation. Don’t have a handle like @catlover1230, keep it clear and concise. It will increase visibility in search engine results and allow others to find you easily.
  • Create a bio that explains your background and what interests you, in the briefest way possible. If you have a degree or past experience relevant to what you’re looking for, make sure to include it.
  • Use hashtags. #hiring is a big one that companies will often tweet along with their open positions. Depending on where you live, hashtags will vary so you will have to research which ones are used most. Some for Minnesota are #mnjobs and #jobs + #mn


  •  Follow the companies you’re interested in working for. If you’re in advertising, research local agencies that you’re interested in and follow their company account to see what they’re up to. Often times companies will tweet their open positions and valuable information like events they are hosting, which would give you an opportunity to meet the individual in charge of hiring, face to face.
  • Follow people that work at your target organizations. Find the employees who actively use Twitter and interact with them, that’s what Twitter is all about! These are people that could potentially connect you to other contacts within the organization.


  • Establish yourself as a knowledgeable source in your industry. Tweet relevant articles, news and trends related to your field. Your followers will see you as a valuable source of information and are more likely to share what you say and interact.
  • If someone tweets an article, job, blog or anything that you find beneficial, don’t be afraid to re-tweet it or reply to them with your thoughts.

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