Will You Accept This Rose? I Mean… Job?

It’s very easy to immediately exclaim, “Yes! Of course I will!” without thinking about the consequences. Much like the bachelor/bachelorette contestants desperately accept a rose or engagement ring in the heat of the moment, so do some job applicants only to find out weeks later “it just wasn’t a good fit for me”. But could this have been avoided in the first place? In order to avoid accepting a position you really don’t want, consider these factors:

  • Goals– First and foremost, job applicants need to keep their long-term goals in mind. Each job you have should guide you down the path to your ultimate goal.  Most Marketing Directors followed a road through their industry that helped them gain experience to reach the role they have today. Job hunters should consider their future plans and make sure each position they accept will help them reach their goal.
  • Company Culture– When you spend 40 hours per week at your job, it is important to like where you are and the people you are with. Interviewing provides a great way to glimpse into the culture of a company. A typically shy person who works best in quiet probably wouldn’t enjoy a position at a loud and noisy corporate location. Know which environments fit your work style before accepting a position.
  • Job Duties– While interviewing for a position you will generally be given a run-down of what the job you are applying for entails. Now is the time to clear any confusion about the position. No one likes unpleasant surprises, so ask questions and make sure you know what to expect before you accept an offer. Avoid becoming trapped in a position performing a task day after day that you dislike.
  • Career Advancement– This factor goes along with keeping your goals in mind. When considering an offer, think of where this job will lead you within the company. Is there a specific career track to follow, or will you be stuck in a position where no one moves forward unless someone retires or quits?

Remember to take time to consider an offer before jumping into a position you really don’t want. Ensure a job is the right fit for you by reviewing the characteristics you want in a position. You interview the company as much as they interview you, and with careful consideration you can ensure you are choosing the right fit.

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