Many businesses struggle with hiring in bulk for a big project.

How to add large contracting staff for a big project

A staffing firm like Celarity can be a great resource if you need to fill a position very quickly — and in large quantities, according to Katie Larson, Celarity Marketing Recruiter.

“We are constantly networking with marketing, creative and IT talent in the community, and have a short list on hand for employers who have unique staffing needs,” said Larson.

Celarity Marketing Recruiter, Nick Burns, said many staffing agencies have a list of dedicated freelancers and contractors they have readily available on a short list. Even if the staffing agency needs to look outside of its “go-to” short list, it will likely have an extensive database of candidates to call on for your big project.

“Companies can expect to see resumes of candidates qualified to their needs within a few days after using a firm like Celarity,” said Brendan Haugo, Celarity Lead Marketing and Creative Recruiter.

He also said agencies like Celarity are always meeting with candidates with a variety of skills and experiences, and have a pipeline of qualified talent ready to meet employer hiring demands, for a big project or small task.

Why use a staffing firm for bulk hiring needs?

Celarity recruiters take the time to ask the right questions to make sure the candidate chosen to work with your company is fully qualified to jump in and do the job right away. Not only will Celarity recruiters make sure they have the right skills, they get to know them to make sure they are a right fit for your company culture and will fit in with the rest of the team.

Five tips to consider for employers hiring in bulk:

 1. Niche needs:

Can the staffing firm fill your niche needs? It’s important that the staffing agency you’re speaking with has a niche focus in the same industry or field as your company, according to Burns.

“Find out the staffing agency’s core focus, average timeline to fill positions, track record in the industry and more,” said Burns. “These are a few questions that can help ensure it will be an efficient and mutually beneficial relationship.”

2. Clear Communication is Key:

Employers who provide a clear outline of their staffing needs will assist the staffing firm in finding the right candidate in a timely fashion. Among the key items needed are employee start date, key skills and experience needed, day-to-day expectations, duration of the contract and number of employees needed.

 “These are all crucial factors to communicate to the candidate,” said Burns. “Once these details are hashed out, it will make for a smooth transition for the employer and job seeker.”

3. Request the right amount of employees:

Burns also stressed the importance of making sure you’ve forecasted for the number of contractors you’re bringing on. Ask your staffing firm representative how they can help you understand how much staff will be needed for this unique project.

“Overestimating and hiring too many can lead to bored contractors,” said Burns. “Also make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality for quantity. Poor hires can lead to an expensive revolving door of turnover.”

4. Post-hire plan:

Once your staffing firm has helped you fill your hiring needs, the communication doesn’t stop there. Keep in regular contact with your agency and report back on how things are progressing.

“It’s important to have regular check-ins with the contractors during the first few weeks to make sure everyone is on the same page,” said Haugo. “Agencies like Celarity also do check-ins to make sure we can uncover any challenges or issues early enough to resolve and get things back on track.”

When hiring in bulk for a big project, follow these tips to ensure your company is fully staffed with the right people in place to successfully complete any large project on time.

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