What is a Account Based Marketing Manager?

Similar Job Titles:

Marketing Account Manager, Digital Marketing Account Manager

Account based marketing ensures that the marketing and sales departments of an organization are in complete alignment in order to streamline project objectives and maintain collaboration at an optimal level for success.

An Account Based Marketing Manager is responsible for implementing and executing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in order to optimize engagement within specific accounts. These individuals perform research on target accounts to discover new opportunities, and partner with account management teams to ensure that existing accounts are being executed properly. 

What does an Account Based Marketing Manager typically do?

Identify Target Accounts

In order to attract and engage with ABM target accounts, you first need to identify them. Account Based Marketing Managers will perform research to find high-value accounts to target as well as spend time developing growth strategies from their findings. They will ensure marketing activities line up with strategies developed and ultimately translate plans to the sales team for execution. 

Importance of Account Relationships 

Account-Based Marketing managers not only drive these account plans but they also develop specific ABM metrics to measure the performance of current programs. Using their strategic knowledge,  Account Based Marketing Managers will consider how much time is being invested in these high-value accounts. By building trusting relationships within target accounts, their goal is to expand business by retaining valued customers longer. 

Account Based Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

According to HubSpot, Inbound marketing is the foundation for a strong ABM strategy and aids in attracting high-value accounts. ABM, however, builds on inbound marketing by allowing for targeted and efficient resource allocations of high-value accounts. ABM then expedites the flywheel so there is greater opportunity to capture specific accounts with positive customer experience. 

Important Metrics for an Account Based Marketing Manager:

  • Target Account Reach
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Cross-sells & upsells
  • Revenue growth
  • Relationship growth
  • Sales Velocity
  • Percent Referred Customers
  • Net Promoter Score

Account Based Marketing Manager Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for a Account Based Marketing Manager:

  • 25th Percentile $91.0K
  • Average $113.3K
  • 75th Percentile $133.7K
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Account Based Marketing Manager Job Description

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As an Account Based Marketing Manager for <CompanyXXX>, you will have the opportunity to develop and execute target account strategies to support account-based selling, plus you will ensure that existing accounts are having an enjoyable customer experience. More specifically, you’ll get to: 

  • Educate the sales team and customer success reps on new and existing marketing activities being performed
  • Develop growth strategies with the sales team in order to optimize engagement within high-value accounts
  • Perform in-depth research to identify opportunities to improve marketing effectiveness 
  • Develop metrics to measure the performance of existing marketing and sales campaigns
  • Identify the most effective marketing materials, channels, and messaging for key accounts
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