What is an Account Executive?

Similar Job Titles:

Relationship Management Executive, Customer Success Manager, Sales Account Executive

The Account Executive will execute the sales-oriented strategy for discovering new business opportunities to increase clientele for an organization. Their goal is to increase revenue for their entire company. This individual will lead and manage expectations & negotiate positive outcomes to ensure long-term success for their clients using a consultative approach. 

What does an Account Executive typically do?

Discover New Business Opportunities 

An Account Executive is very knowledgeable of industry trends and customer satisfaction methods. They will determine growth opportunities by sourcing major clients & following up with inbound leads by using unique procedures and strategies. They ensure potential clients are cared for by using their knowledge of products and services to satisfy their needs.

Strong Negotiation Skills 

Negotiating skills is a must. These individuals will use their communication and strong negotiation skills to negotiate with new clients regarding potential contracts or even renegotiating existing sales deals as well as identifying revenue opportunities to upsell additional services.

Provides Project Management 

An Account Executive may be responsible for ensuring that each account is up to date by staying on top of budgets, contracts, and schedules of their potential clients. Typically, these individuals are very knowledgeable about working with CRM software such as Salesforce or HubSpot to oversee client communications. 

Account Executive vs. Account Manager 

An Account Executive finds new business accounts. An Account Manager manages, maintains, and upsells existing accounts. The Account Executive will often prep the Account Manager for the transitioning phase of handing off a client account once a deal has been sealed. 

Important Metrics of an Account Executive  

  • Revenue Growth
  • Relationship Growth
  • Sales Velocity
  • Cross-sells & upsells
  • Customer lifetime value

Account Executive Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for an Account Executive:

  • 25th Percentile $72.6K
  • Average $88.7K
  • 75th Percentile $97.2K

Account Executive Job Description

Bonus copy for your Account Executive job description or job ad!

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As an Account Executive for <CompanyXXX>, you’ll have the opportunity to not only increase clientele, but you’ll make a major impact on increasing revenue for an entire organization. More specifically, you’ll get to:

  • Develop new relationships with clients
  • Negotiate deadlines & contracts between new clients
  • Analyzing each client’s needs and develop unique solutions
  • Stay up-to-date with products and services being offered in order to meet the needs of clients
  • Oversee the sales-oriented strategy of increasing client accounts 
  • Generating new business by sourcing clients & following up with inbound leads
  • Conduct client site visits in a professional client-centric manner
  • Identifying revenue opportunities to upsell additional services
    Utilize management CRM system to track and report on pipeline activity, development status, and planning for next steps
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