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Asset Coordinator

What is a Asset Coordinator?

Similar Job Titles:

Asset Manager

Asset Coordinators play a critical role in the management and “organization” of a company’s digital assets. They are responsible for managing, organizing, updating, distributing, editing, deleting, curating, archiving and “digitally filing” an organization’s digital assets. Digital assets may be photos/images, illustrations, audio files, videos, MP3/MP4 files, PDFs, logos, or branded materials.

Asset Coordinators must be highly organized, and understand the importance of creating a strong file management system, and the role it plays in the efficiency of an organization. They must be able to quickly distribute several potential images to the content team for use on a landing page, in an email campaign, or for overall content development strategy and implementation.

What does an Asset Coordinator do, typically?

Collect and organize

An Asset Coordinator is like a digital librarian. But instead of using a card catalog system or file cabinets full of manila folders, everything is digitally “filed” away. The key to success as an Asset Coordinator is organization. As an Asset Coordinator collects and curates assets, they must organize in a file system that has guidelines and criteria to follow. Each asset goes into its own folder or subfolder, and that organization helps the Asset Coordinator quickly “file” or “find” digital assets as needed.

Create file naming conventions/strategy

The Asset Coordinator is often the person responsible –for creating digital asset management (DAM) guidelines. Creating a standard/guidelines results in cleaner file management, improved processes, delivery, and ensures that everyone within the organization uses the same guidelines – helping overall efficiency.

Simplifies results for others – such as when reading reports/analytics

One reason organization and naming conventions are so important is for reporting purposes. There are many small steps/processes/details that are part of an Asset Coordinators daily duties and it’s the behind the scenes work of the Asset Coordinator that improves workflows, and the ability to complete projects efficiently and effectively.

Asset Coordinator Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for an Asset Coordinator:

  • 25th Percentile $62.5K
  • Average $69.4K
  • 75th Percentile $83.2K

Asset Coordinator Job Description

Copy the text below and paste it into your own job description, or, into our FREE downloadable template in the section that looks like this: <INSERT JOB DESCRIPTION COPY FROM BLOG POST HERE>

As an Asset Coordinator at <Company XXX>, your live and breathe all things Digital Asset Management, starting with organization and attention to detail. You not only are organized – you are not afraid to let others know that they must follow processes and guidelines, while also educating on why this is important. As an Asset Coordinator, you play a key role in our marketing/creative department by ensuring all of our digital assets are strategically filed away, meet brand guidelines, and are readily available for digital distribution through a wide variety of channels. In addition, you have these skills and experiences:

  • Is extremely organized
  • Experienced in managing digital assets for a Fortune 500 organization producing a large volume of work
  • Detail-oriented, and able to communicate with marketing, creative, corporate communications and social media teams, the impact an organized DAM system has on their ability to the job
  • Creates asset management policies, procedures and guidelines that can be distributed to the greater team
  • Understands the importance of a company brand and strive to ensure all assets adhere to strict branding
  • Has a variety of software/technical skills, such as experience with Adobe Creative Suites and Adobe Experience Manager (specifically working in the DAM within AEM)
  • Is a team player, and can also manage a team of junior Asset Coordinators or interns
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