What is a Demand Generation Marketing Manager?

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Digital Demand Marketing Manager

According to Hubspot’s definition, demand generation captures the umbrella of marketing programs that get customers excited about your company’s product and services. Demand generation programs can help your organization build brand awareness, promote new services & products, and develop customer relationships. 

As a Demand Generation Marketing Manager, you will manage demand generation campaigns that will nurture leads from various channels such as company articles, webinars, events and etc. In this role, they will use their expertise to launch into new markets, engage with their current customers, and strategize how to market new service and product features. 

What does a Demand Generation Marketing Manager typically do?

Building Brand Awareness

The Demand Generation Marketing manager’s goal is to promote a brand in a meaningful way. Not only do they ensure consistent revenue flow using nurturing tactics, but these individuals will use their strategic knowledge to help their organization enter and thrive into new markets. 

Developing Customer Loyalty

While it’s important to attract new customers, it is essential to retain customers as well. Demand Generation Marketing Managers will leverage these loyalty programs to establish trust with existing customers, which will develop into positive engagement. 

Making Impactful Decisions 

A Demand Generation Marketing manager will have a deep understanding of the market growth rates, industry competitors, and possible barriers to entry. After performing a market analysis, these individuals will make an informed decision as to whether a specific market is a good fit for the organization. 

Misconceptions about a Demand Generation Marketing Manager

Some may confuse this role with an Inbound Marketing Specialist, even though lead nurturing is a valuable part of inbound marketing, it is just one touchpoint within the marketing system of demand generation. A Demand Generation Marketing Manager must consider all the touchpoints of their company’s revenue operations.  

Important metrics for a Demand Generation Marketing Manager:

  • Website Visitors
  • Email click-through rate
  • Keyword rankings
  • Number of Leads
  • Conversion Rate

Demand Generation Marketing Manager Salary

US Based, employer-reported data for a Demand Generation Marketing Manager:

  • 25th Percentile $92.9K
  • Average $111.6K
  • 75th Percentile $129.2K

Demand Generation Marketing Manager Job Description

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As a Demand Generation Marketing Manager at <Company XXX>, you will get to do more than developing demand generation campaigns, but you will also discover new market opportunities by performing in-depth research. More specially, you will get to: 

  • Develop customer loyalty programs to re-engage with existing customers
  • Promote new product & service features using lead nurturing tactics
  • Discover new marketing opportunities by performing market analysis
  • Analyzing and measuring the effectiveness of existing campaigns
  • Contribute to the content development for target consumers
  • Translating performance of demand generation campaigns to leadership
  • Continuously develop new strategies to increase touchpoints within a customer’s journey in order to optimize conversion rates
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