Celarity maintains 4.9 stars on Google

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Post Date to Show: December 1, 2021


Celarity works hard to be a company with a culture that creates happy careers, and the 40+ reviews on Google indicate that other people believe in the work. 

Celarity currently holds 4.9 stars, out of 5, with descriptions such as “team,” “communication,” “happy,” “career,” and “responsive” being mentioned repeatedly within the reviews.

Some of the most recent reviews include:

“I had a fantastic first assignment with Celarity. I’d highly recommend working with Celarity if you have the chance as they support and advocate for their contractors throughout the span of their contract.”

~ Marshall

“I’ve worked with several companies through Celarity over the last six years as a freelance writer and editor. The staff at Celarity are great about checking in regularly and working to find new opportunities. I highly recommend them to those looking for contract gigs.”

~ Nancy

“I have been a contractor with Celarity for more than 2 years. I’ve had an ongoing contract role throughout that time and also taken on project-based work. Throughout every engagement, Celarity has been incredibly proactive, professional and responsive. Celarity genuinely cares about how I’m doing and works hard to ensure a strong match between companies and talent. I highly recommend Connor Duffy, Susan Vang and the entire Celarity team. Work with them – you won’t be disappointed!”

~ Dita

View all of Celarity’s reviews, or write a review on Google. 


About Celarity

Celarity is a marketing, creative, and digital staffing and recruiting agency. Regardless of the type of organization, large or small, or industry you service, Celarity has placed talent in a similar setting. They’re proud to have connected over 600 companies with over 5,000 talent needs.

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