Strategic alliance event to address racial and socioeconomic barriers in marketing roles

Celarity has joined forces with The BrandLab (TBL) to create inclusive connections for diverse talent while changing the face and voice of the marketing industry.

Celarity knows the importance of providing exposure, access, equitable opportunities and is on a mission to connect open, qualified, and available candidates to marketing, creative, and digital careers.

Celarity and TBL have partnered together since 2013 to address racial and socioeconomic barriers in learning about and accessing jobs to support the next generation of marketing, creative, and digital professionals.

The companies are excited to introduce a free virtual networking event designed to create connections between diverse young adults and tenured career professionals this year. 

The speed networking event was created because learning how to create connections through networking is essential to propel your career. Up to 80% of jobs are found through personal networks. The word networking can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Networking is about starting conversations and communicating with other people. Come to this event to be part of the conversation! 

To learn more about the strategic alliance between TBL and Celarity, visit the alliance page at:

About The BrandLab

The BrandLab’s mission is to change the face and voice of the marketing industry. Their vision is of an industry that thrives with the insights and creativity of all. The BrandLab is driven by their values of exposure, access, opportunity, and equity. 

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