3 Surprising Reasons to Accept a Contract Position

Have you been looking for a new job? Maybe it’s time to consider contract work. Many job hunters overlook this option because they dislike the idea of a temporary job. Contract positions are either short-term or contract to hire. Over 2 million workers every day take advantage of these types of positions. The benefits of taking a contract position through a staffing agency include building your resume, test-driving the company, and job flexibility.

Resume building
Contract positions are typical with large, well-known corporations. It can be hard to get a foot in the door with the Fortune 500 companies of the world, but contract work provides a great way to do it. How many times have you thought, “If they just meet me they will see how great my work is!” Well, here is your chance. Most staffing companies have relationships with large corporations and know when a position will be available before it is posted to the public. Having a large corporation listed on your resume gives you credibility and fills the gaps in your employment history.

Test out the company
Working on a contract assignment gives you great insight into a company’s culture. Large employers are turning to temp agencies so they can test drive new employees and positions. This also works in reverse, giving the employee a chance to see how well they fit into the company culture, network, and learn first-hand what is expected of the position. If the position is not what you expected, you have the comfort of knowing there is an end date in sight and another experience to add to your resume. Studies show that 88% of staffing employees say contract work has made them more employable, showing that even a short-term job experience has its benefits.

Job flexibility
Job searching is a full-time job in itself and if you want to make a career switch, staffing agencies can help you land interviews with companies you want to target while you continue to work. A study by Careerbuilder.com reports that people who use staffing agencies receive 52% more interviews during a job search. Those who utilize staffing agencies have the option of specifying job preferences such as desired schedule, position, hours, and salary to their recruiters who will tailor their search to fit your needs. Agencies provide job hunters with the flexibility to have a job and search for a new position at the same time.

These are just a few benefits of contracting with a Staffing Agency. Hopefully, these benefits will open the eyes of job hunters to new possibilities and potentially, even a new job.

Q & A Recap

Q: Will I look like a job hopper?

A: No, some hiring managers see contracting as a benefit because you can bring a lot to the table from of your prior experiences. Make sure to note contracted positions on your resume so hiring managers are aware of it.

Q: Would I still receive benefits?

A: You may receive benefits on a contract position depending on the length of the contract. At Celarity all full-time contractors receive benefits starting the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment.



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