4 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

A lot can happen in 10 years, think about where you were, what work was like and how far we have come since 2002. There were no tweets, no Facebook posts and no iPhone’s to Instagram our favorite scenery. With these new inventions and technology comes an onslaught of emerging careers that are now needed. In particular, the marketing, communications and creative industry has been deeply affected by these trends and technology. Marketing Managers no longer communicate with customers by direct mail and phone calls, we have countless platforms from social media to mobile apps to reach customers. Take a look at 5 careers that didn’t exist ten years ago:

Social Media Manager/Community Manager
Gone are the days of customer service hotlines, we’ve reached the days of DM’s and @’s. Social media has become an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. It allows them connect with their most valuable asset, their customers. Not only are most social platforms free, organizations can communicate and connect with their clients and customers like never before. Almost every company has developed some sort of a social media presence which is why this position has become widespread and in high demand.

User Experience Designer
People expect the best from the brands and businesses that they love. 2012 has brought the importance of user experience to the forefront. In 2002, companies were more focused on simply having a website rather than how their customers felt and interacted with their brand.  Now, User Experience Designers look for ways to make using a website easier, more memorable, more pleasant and more engaging for consumers.

Mobile App Developer
In 2002, the iPod and iPhone were just Steve Jobs’ dreams, not an actuality. When the smartphone emerged in 2007, applications started popping up for everything imaginable. This emerging technology requires developers with the most up to date knowledge and experience. With over 1 million apps to choose from, developers for these apps are in demand like never before.

SEO Strategist
SEO has been around for most of the past decade, but it has become increasingly important in the past few years. SEO is a way to enhance a website’s search engine ranking and attempt to place it in the top search results. Google continuously changes its search and ranking algorithms which has required professionals to take on the challenge of increasing search engine results. This position takes a great deal of marketing expertise as well as technical skills which is something not many professionals needed ten years ago.

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