5 Outdated Marketing Strategies

The digital marketing world moves fast. You can pull up Mashable on any day of the week and hear about a crazy new marketing trend that EVERY agency and organization should incorporate into their digital strategy. Trends and ideas come and go so quickly in our industry, how do you know what to keep around and let go of? If you’re looking to freshen up your digital marketing, lose these techniques ASAP, you’re behind!

Keyword stuffed content
Hate to break it to you, but Google has gotten smarter! Trying to jam-pack your content with as many keywords as possible only decreases the value and relevancy of your content. While you should still be conscious of a few important keywords to incorporate into content, don’t over-do it. Google search algorithms not only pull results by keywords but the top 10 search results require quality content based on the user’s experiences with your content (bounce rate, time on page, etc.)

Spending significant money on the phone book
Unless you’re a business that specifically targets an audience that doesn’t use the internet , do not put significant portions of you marketing budget towards getting placed in the phone book. When was the last time you used a phone book? Usually they are thrown immediately in the trash or lie around unused. Marketing budgets are often very restricted so don’t waste precious dollars towards a strategy with such low ROI.

Your marketing is 9-5
With social’s widespread presence, your audience wants to be able to connect with you at all hours of the day. Whether you’re a service or a product, your customers should be able to interact when they want. As selfish as that may seem from the customer, social media has given a lot of power to the user/customer. We’re not suggesting you work 24 hours in a day, but don’t cut off all communication once you leave the office.

Ignoring analytics
Website analytics are invaluable for a marketer. Don’t ignore it! Many marketers who might not have started in the digital era like to go off their “gut feeling” rather than what the data says, this needs to change. While human intuition can be a good tool in some cases, look at the facts and figures when establishing your marketing strategy. Just because you’re analyzing data doesn’t mean the creativity in marketing is gone, this just allows you to produce top quality content with added insight.

Pushing without interacting
Scheduling content or creating multiple banner ads and pushing them out is pretty easy, but what is it doing for you? Are these tactics increasing the bottom line? Or are you continually pushing your service/product in your audience’s face and expecting them to buy? If you’re not interacting with them, why would they interact with you? Things like cold calling and static ads don’t attract customers to your brand, they can often times push them away.

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