5 Traits of Successful Social Media Pros

Social media careers are one of the hottest jobs in our industry right now. Whether you’re a college grad clamoring for that coveted community manager position or a social pro, it’s clear that it takes a certain type of person to manage social channels. From managing attacks on your brand/company to interacting with people on a daily basis, being in social media requires some specific traits. Here are 5 traits it takes to be successful in social media:

1. You have to be curious. From constantly reading about new trends and happenings in your industry to learning about your audience, curiosity is key for a successful social media marketer/manager. In this type of position it’s important to know as much as you possibly can about your brand, your industry and the audience you’re catering to.

2. Social media and community managers are problem-solvers. Depending on the type of brand or organization there will always be people with something to say. Sometimes it’s complimentary, but if they’re taking to social media to talk about you, it can often be negative. It takes patience and the ability to understand where the negativity is coming from to be able to resolve the issues the customer has.

3. Most digital marketing positions require an analytical brain, but this is especially important in social. These are the people who will know most about your social communities, what works best with what audiences and how to maximize your social media efforts. Being able to analyze data and make decisions based on results is key.

4. A successful social media manager will also be thorough. From double-checking tweets and posts for spelling errors to following up on any questions or concerns your brand receives through social media channels is essential to a good reputation. You want your brand portrayed in the best light possible and a thorough person will ensure that.

5. This may seem a little obvious, but successful social media professionals are personable. Meaning that they can get along and relate to a wide variety of audiences. Not that they have to be the most outgoing person, they should simply understand how to relate to and communicate with different audiences on a regular basis.

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