Earlier this year, U.S. News released the 100 best jobs to have in 2014. Obviously choosing your career is an intensely personal matter but it’s interesting to see how jobs within the marketing, creative and IT industry stack up against the 100’s of other industries. So, how did U.S. News rank these 100 jobs? The overall score each career receives is calculated based on 7 components; 10 year growth volume, 10 year growth percentage, median salary, employment rate, future job prospects, stress level and work-life balance.

Check out these 10 marketing, creative and IT positions that made the list!

1. Software Developer – 140K brand new positions before 2022
9. Web Developer – employment rate up 20% by 2022
11. Information Security Analyst – 36.5% growth by 2022
15. Market Research Analyst – 31.6% employment increase by 2022
24. IT Manager – 27% growth over the next several years
30. Computer Programmer  – 8.3% growth by 2022
44. Marketing Manager – media salary of 119K in 2012
53. Meeting and Event Planner – Employment expected to increase 33.2% by 2022
85. PR Specialist – Over 27K new jobs before 2022
91. Art Director – one of the most lucrative creative occupations

Additionally, each component has a different impact on the score:

10 year growth volume – 10%
10 year growth percentage – 10%
Median salary – 30%
Job prospects – 20%
Employment rate – 20%
Stress level – 5%
Work-life balance – 5%

It’s clear that the marketing, creative and IT industry is on the right path. Out of the 1,000’s of career paths to choose these industries take up more than 10% of the list. Each of these careers shows expected growth over the next several years and seem like great career paths based on U.S. News’ 7 components. Did your position make the list? Check out these positions and more marketing, creative and IT job openings today!

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