On May 15th, The Business Marketing Association Minnesota Chapter hosted a panel discussion and a hands-on workshop revolving around online presence. More specifically, the topic was creating an online makeover for you and your business. The three panelists were Jonathan Anderstrom of Creed Interactive, Dan Platt of Tennant Company and Paul Unglaub of Entellus Medical. These three marketing experts provided valuable tips and information on how to transition from an information web to a more social web and shared practical suggestions based of their professional experience.

For each panelist, online makeovers have become part of their jobs in different ways but the common goal is to create a better experience on the web. The bottom line of each presentation was that your customer’s experiences don’t have to be static. Your website does not have to be countless pages of one size fits all content. Making your website more social and interactive allows your customer to have a more personalized experience aimed at their accessibility and interest. Your website should be a call to action; clicking, watching, downloading, etc. Allowing customers to interact with your product or service instead of clicking and reading a page of text, changes their experience and makes a lasting impression of your brand. Additionally, giving your online presence a makeover should be focused on driving core business goals and aim to improve the function of the company as a whole.

One quote from Paul Unglaub that stuck with us was, “We don’t just do stuff online to do it.” Meaning, we don’t create websites just for the fun of it, we create them for customers to have access to the information they need when they need it. With that in mind, creating the most user friendly and informational experience should be at the forefront of every businesses’ strategy when creating any sort of web presence.

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