How to Close Candidates: 8 Tips for Hiring Managers & HR

You knew it the moment they left the building: that candidate is the one…the one you need to hire, that is. Don’t let this opportunity slip through the cracks! Use these 8 tips to effectively close candidates:

1.   Know the Market for Talent

So, you want to hire a UX Designer? Just know that UX Designers get bombarded with messages from recruiters and HR – All. Day. Long. That means the demand for this type of talent is high. So, you’ll have a lot of competition.

And, if you’re in the market to hire highly-demanded skill sets, you’ll want to pay extra close attention to the next 7 tips.

2.   Create Meaning & Purpose

These days, younger talent pools don’t just want a job – they want to work somewhere they can make a difference. Find out what the purpose of the role is and sell the meaning behind it!

3.   Always Be Closing

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: always be closing! Understand the candidates’ pain points and use them to pre-close candidates. You can use a question like, “What 3 things would you change about your last/current position?”

Their answers can tell what kinds of things are truly important to them. Then, you can assess whether or not you can fulfill those candidates’ needs or desires in your offer.

4.   Sell the Allure

Why should candidates care about your opportunity? What differentiates you from other companies, and what can you offer that other firms can’t? Differentiating factors can include benefits packages, flexible hours, money for training, an amazing culture, etc.

5.   Let Them Meet the Team

If you’re ready to close a candidate, consider bringing your team in to meet the potential new hire. Not only will your team be able to weigh in on the candidate, but your candidate will also get a preview of your team dynamic. It may even sway their decision to work for you instead of a competitor.

6.   Make Them Feel Wanted

Is the candidate getting multiple offers? Your actions can be a potential tie-breaker between you and another firm. DON’T allow candidates to control the situation and/or take advantage of you. But, DO treat candidates fairly, be responsive, and be direct about why you want them to work for you.

7.   Prep for Negotiations

You’ll never want to lowball a candidate – especially if you want them to work for you. However, you can determine a salary range and present what you think is fair. Then, if a candidate wants to counter, you have room to negotiate.

Remember to keep what matters most to the candidate in mind. And, always make sure you know your limits and have a “best and final” offer prepared.

8.   Add a Little Something Extra

Doesn’t everyone like a little surprise factor? If your candidate accepts, you should aim to please them. Arm them with some company swag. Or, take them to lunch on their first day. Whatever you do, make sure their first interaction as a new hire is a positive one.

Bonus Tip! 

If your hiring process isn’t quick and painless, you’ve got some work to do! Candidates should know where they stand throughout your process. You may lose a star candidate if you’re too slow to request an interview or offer them the position.

For more about improving your hiring process, check out this blog post!

Visit The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Digital Talent page for more information about how to close digital candidates!

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