In-Demand Marketing Jobs and Salaries in Minneapolis

Right now is a great time to be a professional in Minnesota because the job market is flourishing. The state gained 2,500 jobs in January  and to top it off, Minnesota has a very low unemployment rate of 3.3 percent (even lower in the marketing industry) as compared to the overall 4.1 percent US unemployment rate.

So what might all of this mean for the marketing, creative and digital job market? Because the industry is shifting more each day toward digital, we’re seeing a high demand for jobs in this focus. Below we’ve listed some of the hottest jobs and current in-demand skills:

Hot Jobs:

*Salary ranges presented are for mid-level job titles

Content Strategist – Putting out stellar content has become essential for most brands. This means hiring great storytellers who can create information that compels people to interact with those brands and keep coming back.

Salary Range – $38K – $73K

Marketing Analyst – Since so many companies now have the means to collect troves of data, there is a huge need for people who are able to analyze that data and turn it into effective marketing and business strategies.

Salary Range – $47K – $88K

Mobile Apps Developer – Everyone these days is jumping on the app train as a way to directly reach their mobile users. Therefore, companies need talented developers to create user-friendly mobile apps that people are more likely to download.

Salary Range – $55K – $105K

Web Designer – Front end, UX and UI designers have become incredibly important and are a high need for most organizations. As more of the market shifts toward digital, the already high demand will continue to rise for these roles.

Salary Range – $55K – $116K

Hot Skills:

Marketing Automation –Marketing departments want to automate repetitive tasks (such as email and social media) to efficiently and effectively reach their audience through specific online channels. As tools like Marketo and Hubspot become more commonplace, many companies will be asking for marketing automation experience from their hires.

Analytics Software – Data has become a huge factor in how companies implement their business strategies. They need professionals who are analytically minded to pull statistics from programs like Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

Coding – With web-focused strategies and mobile apps on the rise, many companies are in need of people with superb coding capabilities. Although there are many languages, some of the most desirable are Java, PHP, RoR, C++ and Python.

Writing/Editing – To be a good content strategist and marketer, you need solid writing and editing skills. Professionals with backgrounds in journalism and/or previous copywriting experience may have an advantage when applying to content-focused roles.

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Last updated: March 2018

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