Pros and Cons of Working With Multiple Staffing Organizations

Registering and meeting with multiple staffing organizations is encouraged, according to Jessica Reedy, a Celarity Recruiter. It’s important for a candidate and a recruiter to build a strong, trusting relationship with open lines of communication. By meeting with multiple agencies, you can learn about each company and find the right recruiter and company you feel most comfortable with before committing.

“It’s widely known that most job seekers have multiple advocates helping them along the way, so it would not hurt their reputation to meet with multiple staffing agencies,” Burns said. “Finding that trustworthy source will be key.”

If a contractor has a highly marketable background, they will likely hear from several recruiters with open positions, Burns added. It all comes down to timing and which recruiters have the positions matching the contractor’s background.

Pros of working with multiple staffing organizations

The reality is, most job seekers do end up working with more than one agency, according to Brendan Haugo, Lead Marketing and Creative Recruiter for Celarity. Additionally, most do not have exclusive agreements so you can work with one in a six-month contract and then find a role with Celarity or another firm for the next position.

“Be sure to choose an agency that specializes in your field of interest first and foremost,” Haugo said. “Also, agencies that have a strong presence in the location you live in is important as well, as they will have more relationships with companies, big and small.”

Cons of working with multiple staffing organizations

Working with multiple recruiting agencies may open up the door to increasing potential opportunities; however, candidates need to be careful, said Katie Larson, Celarity Marketing Recruiter. Unethical recruiters may blindly submit you to a job to show the client “activity” and report back to the client showing they can find qualified candidates and submit them, even though many of them may not be candidates they are considering for the role. This does happen without the job seeker even knowing. It’s unethical and not professional, but it happens.

“Some agencies may blind submit job seekers to positions without asking first, and if multiple recruiters submitted them to the same job, they could be disqualified from the client,” said Larson. At Celarity, recruiters take the time to meet with candidates in person to learn more about their personality and career goals, more than just who they are on paper, according to Larson.“When choosing an agency, candidates should look for a recruiter that is an open communicator and an advocate for them,” Larson added.

Tips to consider when selecting between multiple staffing companies

Before selecting a recruiting agency, Kelly Gunderson, Celarity Client Development Manager, encourages individuals to follow these tips:

  • Research the company: Browse their website. Read online reviews. Ask your creative network if they have heard of the agency before and if they would recommend working with them.
  • Connect with the right recruiter: Look for a recruiter at a firm that you can communicate freely and honestly with. Build a relationship with a recruiter you feel comfortable with and one that is based on trust.
  • Try before you buy: Informational interviews are encouraged. Reach out to recruiting firms like Celarity and meet with a recruiter to learn about the company, opportunities, benefits, and how the company works with contract, contract-to-hire, and temporary employees.

If you meet with multiple agencies, be open and honest with your recruiter. They want to work with you toward building a trusting relationship. Let them know you are exploring other agencies and are committed to doing your best work for whichever firm you choose. They understand job seekers have options. “You never know where you fit in until you test it out,” Gunderson said.

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