Rebranding can be a daunting task. These tips and stories can help you.

When U.S. Bank made the decision to buy the naming rights to the new Vikings football stadium in Minneapolis, it’s visibility grew — by about 467 feet to be exact.

The large exterior sign on the stadium, and countless mentions in the media, prompted a growth in marketing efforts. But the company realized something was still missing.

U.S Bank’s executive vice president of chief strategy and reputation officer, Kate Quinn, knew the company had a great story to tell, but it wasn’t executing. The pitfall prompted the company to launch a brand-building campaign that focused on its consumers, and how they could reap the benefits of partnering with the correct financial institution.

The result? “The Power of Possible.”

The Right Time to Rebrand

U.S. Bank didn’t have much trouble getting everyone on board with its campaign — citing building more of an emotional connection and putting customers first as a few of its main goals. In fact, part of the company’s brand campaign involves volunteer opportunities for U.S. Bank employees and other volunteers.

Yet sometimes, a rebranding campaign can generate uneasy or negative feedback from employees, despite an otherwise seemingly successful effort toward customers.

Gaining Staff Support

When your employees are informed and truly care about your company and brand, they tend to work harder and find more motivation in what they do. Especially when workers experience the company the same way they’re promising it to consumers, the end result will be more consistent. In order to gain employee support, it’s important to consider these tips.

1. Choose the Right Moment and Energy

As a manager, perhaps you don’t have a direct say in when your company will rebrand or launch a new campaign. But when you do go through such an occasion, it’s critical to find the right moment to bring employees along. Events such as a merger or new leadership coming aboard can be ideal moments to introduce big changes, as those moments can trigger either positive or negative energy. It’s up to you to make sure the former resonates with your staff.

2. Educate Your Employees

A company’s strongest asset can be its people. But when those people are unaware or unsure of the company’s motives or vision, that strength can quickly fall by the wayside. When your company experiences a transformation or rebrand, take some time to educate your staff. If they don’t understand it, they can’t communicate it.

3. Ensure Consistency

When your employees hear one message, and you’re promising your customers something different, the results won’t fall in your favor. Ensuring consistency among your internal and external messages is the key to success during a rebrand. For example, if you’re informing your customers that their safety and happiness is your number one goal, while telling your employees that generating a profit is at the top of the list — there’s going to be some confusion about your motives.

4. Bring it Alive

This is a time of excitement! Rebranding can mean many changes and challenges, but it’s also a time to empower employees and help them find motivation in what they’re conveying to customers. Your staff should find inspiration in the brand, and it’s up to you to help them find that purpose. You can do this by asking for their feedback while listening to their insights, or by getting to know them and their interests at a greater level. Make them feel appreciated, and be sure you’re prioritizing internal communication as much as external messaging.

We know these are only a few key points and steps in tackling a rebranding campaign — but they’re important not to overlook. At Celarity, we believe in placing talented, creative individuals with the right companies in order to achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or browse our talent specialties.

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