Recruitment Marketing Secrets: Improve Your Employer Brand & Drive Qualified Candidates to Apply

“Recruitment marketing” is buzzword you’ve probably heard a lot over the last year. But, what does it really mean? It’s more than just trying to get people to apply to your open jobs. Recruitment marketing is a strategy that nurtures passive talent – prepping them to apply to your company when they’re ready.

You may have great benefits, a nice salary, and/or a fun culture – but those things won’t necessarily mean you’ll get the qualified applicants that you’re looking for. That’s why a recruitment marketing strategy is needed; So, when that previously passive candidate is ready to apply for a new job, they think of you.

Optimize your career site for Google Jobs

According to the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report (February 2019), 54% of Fortune 500 companies have not optimized their career sites for Google Jobs. That percentage is astounding! Google Jobs is SEO for your job postings. If you want awesome candidates, you’ve got to pull rank!

Use images & videos for job descriptions/ads

You may be paying to post your jobs in sponsored slots on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and/or other career sites. And, that’s a wonderful start! However, it’s not always going to be enough to draw-in candidates who are scanning the web, looking for new opportunities. One way you can grab their attention? Use images, or, better yet, videos to pitch them the job on your website and on social media channels. Implementing video on your website can actually increase your companies website traffic by 200-300% according to Hubspot. By sharing these assets on social media, it will allow your audience to get a feel of what your company services and culture are all about, plus it’s a great way to generate engagement.

So how do you get started? Remember, the video doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Emmy Award winner, Erica Hanna of Puke Rainbows, has some great tips for videographer newbies with no budget.

Share employee stories

Why would someone want to work for you? You can help answer this question with employee testimonials. Stories are powerful tools and they can be shared using images, the written voice or through video. These stories will also develop a deeper connection with your audience. Remember to ensure that all content matches your company’s key values and voice. Share these stories on your website, your social media channels, email, and more. Get the word out that your company is a place where people want to spend their time. Need an example? Check out this video.

Employment-branded social media profiles & hashtags

As a hiring manager, you may take the time to scope out a candidate’s social media profiles before you decide to interview or make an offer. Well, potential candidates are likely looking at your company’s presence on social media too! Believe it or not, your employer brand on social media matters. And we don’t just mean on LinkedIn.

You can control the conversation about your culture, workplace, and values look like through photos, short posts, and more. Do this by creating specific, employer-branded social media profiles and hashtags. One Fortune 500 company that excels at this type of employer branding is Target. Check out their employer-branded Instagram account and hashtag, @teamtarget, #WeAreTarget.

Send more than just a job alert – add a story

There is nothing wrong with sending job alerts to potential candidates who have opted-in to hear from you. In fact, we recommend it! However, don’t just send job alerts. Passive candidates aren’t ready to apply. so, use your communications with them to nurture them. At the moment, they may care more about company news or industry updates. Or, specific content geared toward topics like diversity, employee stories, answering FAQs, and more!

Ask for reviews

According to SmashFly, “[Fortune 500] companies with mature recruitment marketing strategies have more Glassdoor reviews – and more positive reviews.” Recruitment marketing tactics not only help you get qualified applicants, but it also improves the candidate experience. And, those who have a great experience are more willing to share!

High average ratings and reviews on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Google also help your employer brand. Quality talent is looking for your presence on the web. And, whether or not a candidate chooses to apply, interview, or accept a job may be based on how other candidates and employees have rated and reviewed your company.

Looking for more advice on how to drive quality candidates to apply? Read this post!

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