The 5 Most In-Demand Marketing Jobs

2012 is proving to be a heck of a year for the creative industry. Hiring managers across the country are digging deep for in-demand candidates. The marketing and creative world is unique, with ever-evolving trends, new ideas and technology.

Marketing Analysts fifteen years ago looked at surveys and figures, never able to see a direct correlation between their efforts and the business’ success. Now, a Marketing Analyst has to be Google certified and understand the plethora of information that comes their way from social media to traditional marketing. Several skills have become extremely sought after. Here are the 5 most in-demand marketing positions in 2012.

1. Web Developers

The people who make your website functional. Demand for talented Web Developers sharply outweighs the supply in almost every market. This position has become in-demand due to the continuous need for broad expertise in a variety of languages like CSS, JavaScript and HTML.  There are currently 1,300 open Web Developer positions in MN according to Indeed.

2. Analytics

Data is much more accessible and detailed these days. We no longer look at a simple graph, we have programs that analyze every single click and impression, this takes an expert to analyze. Many decisions are often made based on the analysts findings. 490 current open marketing analytics positions open in Minnesota.

3. Project Managers

PM’s have become a hot commodity in the creative world. A Project Manager must have excellent communication and organizational skills but also the ability to manage budgets. Project volume has increased over the past year and so has the need for experienced project managers. 1,330 openings for Marketing Project Managers in Minnesota.

4. Marketing Professionals

This could range from a standard marketing representative role to a Social Media Manager. Whatever the position, marketing has expanded vastly in the past few years. From community management to traditional marketing reps, it has all become much more complicated with the addition of social marketing. Currently 840 mid-level marketing positions open in Minnesota.

5. Interactive Creative Designers

These positions are heavily involved in the user experience side of the creative world. Interactive Designers work closely with design teams to ensure that designs are visually compelling, coding and testing websites and are in charge of critical changes to a website. Most companies are trying to create a a well-rounded user experience, creating websites that are more interactive and mobile, which makes these experts tough to find. 1,031 open creative design jobs in Minnesota.

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