The Top 5 Mobile Apps for Marketers

We’re not talking Angry Birds or Temple Run, we’re talking the best apps you can have as a professional in the marketing industry. With the evolution of mobile marketing and the instantaneous realm of social media, it’s important to be prepared for your job on the go. We’re not always at our desktops or in the office to take care of important tasks or projects, so it’s smart to be ready to tackle anything from anywhere.  With the millions of apps there are to choose from, how do you know which ones work and which don’t? We’ve rounded up some industry favorites that will help save you time and keep you on track.

1) Dropbox
Dropbox is an awesome tool if you’re on a team that needs to share different files quickly and easily. Dropbox can be set up on your desktop or laptop and also installed as an app on your phone so you can access any document you’ve loaded onto the application. One advantage to Dropbox is that you can save files that are too big to be emailed and immediately give access to people that need it. Free for iPhone and iPad.

2) Evernote
We’ve all been there, sitting on the bus or sitting down to dinner and an awesome idea pops into your head about your next campaign or design project and you need to remember it. Evernote has both desktop and mobile applications and it’s a place for you to essentially jot down ideas and things that you need to remember. Snap a picture, jot down a note or record audio. Think of Evernote like a virtual notepad you’ll always be able to update and keep track of. Free for iPhone and iPad.

3) HootSuite
This is a must for any social media or community manager! If you’re managing social accounts, you know how important it is to see what’s said about you and respond to your followers, HootSuite allows you to do just that. You can manage multiple social profiles, schedule messages, track mentions and analyze your social media. Free for iPhone and iPad.

4) AnalyticsPro
Uh oh, on the way to a client meeting and forgot to print the latest analytics? This app accesses your Google Analytics with all the features you need on the go. It presents data instead of  listing data like some analytics apps tend to do. There are both iPad and iPhone versions. Costs $5.99.

5) WordPress
Trying to moderate blog comments on your way to an industry event? Get the WordPress app and easily update content, respond and moderate comments on your phone. You can even upload photos from your phone or elsewhere and format/crop. What more could you want for your content marketing? Free for iPhone and iPad.

What are your favorite apps as a marketing pro?

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