We’ve already covered the top apps for marketers, but what about web designers? We didn’t forget about you! As a designer, you know how important it is to edit and alter your designs based on client feedback, etc. Having the ability to do this on the go is invaluable. Whether you’re on your smartphone or iPad, having mobile access to your work is key in today’s world. Here are the top 5 apps every web designer should have on their mobile devices.

Adobe Ideas
Adobe is widely known for its desktop applications but they created essentially a digital sketchbook. You can jot down ideas on your smartphone or iPad and continue to work on them in Illustrator or Photoshop. This app is incredibly handy for meetings where a desktop may not be accessible or hashing out design ideas on the go. $9.99 for iPad and iPhone.

FTP On The Go
You’re at the airport and your client calls and says their website is broken and you are responsible for figuring it out! What on earth do you do? Pull up FTP (File Transfer Protocol) On The Go which allows you to access the website from anywhere. You can use the built in text editor and fix it right on your mobile device and save changes to the server. You can also store files, access the server, download files, make any edits necessary and save yourself from a not-so-happy client. $9.99 for iPad and iPhone.

This app is essential for any job where sharing and having access to files is important. You can transfer mock-ups to present to your clients and access any document at the drop of a hat. This app is also a great  if you’re working across multiple teams who all need access to important files. Free for iPad and iPhone.

This is for the true Web Designer with abilities to design on the go “anytime, anywhere.” iMockups gives designers and developers the ability to draft wireframes and mockups. You can also email projects that are editable to other iPads. Designed specifically for iPad, this app has a sleek interface and is great for quick design. $6.99 for iPad.

As a designer you know how many crazy tasks you’ve got to keep track of when it comes to a project. Things is a to-do manager that can connect with all your devices to keep you on task. Keep track of notes, to-do’s and schedule tasks for yourself.  $9.99 for iPhone and $19.99 for iPad.

What are you favorite mobile apps as a web designer?

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