Top 5 Web Design Blogs to Follow

Web Designers need to stay on top of industry news, trends, and new technology. Standards are constantly changing, and knowing how to stay relevant with your design is a necessary step in being a successful web designer. Blogs are an excellent resource to help out, but there are thousands of them. How do you know which ones are worth following? We’ve done the work for you and gathered 5 awesome web design blogs.

1. Webdesigner Depot
If you’re looking for design ideas and help, this blog is your resource. This is a great interactive site with lots of comments from other web designers looking for the same information you are. There are multiple posts each week, all with real advice you can use in your daily design work.

2. Smashing Magazine
Smashing covers everything from graphics to inspiration and a good deal of design. This is an endless supply of resources for any design element, and they have designated sections for each piece of design work so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Updates come daily, and thousands of web designers have recommended this blog as their go-to place for questions and inspiration.

3. Web Design Ledger
WDL is similar to Smashing. They both cover a wide variety of design topics and trends. WDL provides an entire section devoted to inspiration, as well as tips and tools. Each post is carefully thought out and provided daily. WDL also offers free fonts and layout tutorials.

4. Noupe
This blog is great for industry news and tutorials, if you’re an emerging designer or looking to learn new things, Noupe is a great resource for that. Topics frequently include WordPress, Photoshop, and CSS.

5. Onextrapixel
Looking for insight on a wide variety of topics? Look no further. While it may sound overwhelming, onextrapixel does an excellent job of organizing content so it’s easy to access. You can find inspiration, design advice, tutorials, and freebies. This is a great blog for a mid to high-level designer.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking to break into the design world or an accomplished designer, keeping up with current trends and educating yourself is invaluable. Now it’s time to update your RSS feed!

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