The recruiter hasn’t called – even though you think you’re a good fit. What’s going on?

woman thinking about why the recruiter hasn't called

You’ve hit the, “Submit,” button on a recruiting agency’s website. Now, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for a call…

Not so fast – you should probably keep job hunting! As much as a recruiter wants to help each applicant, there simply aren’t enough jobs for everyone who submits a resume. So here are a few things to consider:

First, you should recognize that, although most recruiters find purpose and fulfillment in placing people in jobs, the client pays for the recruiter’s services. So, recruiters spend their time searching for candidates who can fulfill specific client needs.

Second, when a client signs an agreement to work with a recruiting agency, they expect the recruiters to deliver on the list of skills, experience, and traits they’re looking for in their ideal candidate. Keeping that record of special qualities in mind, recruiters start a matchmaking process that they hope will result in ecstatic clients and happy candidates!

The recruiter hasn’t called. Maybe, here’s why:

Recruiters are also looking for other things that “check the boxes” on the client’s wish list. They’re looking at the candidate’s:


Where does the candidate live in relation to the client’s location? How far is the candidate willing to commute every day?


Does the candidate have relevant experience? Recruiters consider elements like industry, leadership experience, years of experience, and more.


Clients have a budget. Candidates have salary expectations. Recruiters need to ensure the budget and salary expectations are in-line with one another.

Specialized Skills (maybe not listed on the job description) 

Google certified? Adobe Analytics? PPC? Customer Success Methodology? There may be specialized software skills, methodologies, certifications, and more that clients are looking for in a candidate’s background.

Soft Skills & Culture Fit 

Is the candidate outgoing and collaborative? Or, a head-down, hard-worker? Are they analytical and detail-oriented? How about a self-starter who does well in an ambiguous environment? Personality and soft skills are important to clients for culture-fit purposes. But, understanding a candidate’s traits also helps recruiters ensure that the candidate will be happy in their new role with the client.


Is the candidate available to start next week? Do they have to give a two-week notice? Does the candidate need to move to accept the job? The urgency of the client’s need can be a determining factor when it comes to striking the right match.

So, before you start to worry about why the recruiter hasn’t called you yet, think about all of the components you may not have been aware of when you applied. Rest assured, if your background looks like a potential fit for a job, a recruiter will reach out.

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